Zara home is where the heart is...

These Magnolia teacups are so shamelessly barroque they deserve my attention. Absolutely so much over the top they're actually gorgerous! They have this golden finish inside and outside, and the print is everywhere.
And then in the kid's section these have been my favourite find: I wouldn't buy the whole lot, but the starry plates must be the best breakfast plates ever. imagine how beautiful toasts with red jam would look on them!

What did you think? 

2 Responses

  1. gravatar Kate says:

    That magnolia cup is GORGEOUS!! I want one! :-)

    The starry plate would look fabulous in the AM with your toast.



  2. Who knew?..not me!
    In Los Angeles we have ZARA clothing, but I have never seen the home store.

    ....and a stunning display of opulence, minus the tragic price tag.

    p.s...why are we in "Espaniol"..?

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