Mr M. and me have been off to London for the weekend to celebrate and have time for each other and it's been fab. (I'll tell you more about it eventually)
I've even seen Paul McCartney sing a Beatles song live, out of the blue. (ever told you I'm a Beatle-maniac?)
It's so good when life smiles.

He's done

Today Mr M. had his last exam of his MA at Oxford. When it's your last exam you wear a red carnation on your cloak and exit the exam building through a different door. Just to see his face as he was coming out that gate, his huge smile, his shaking, it has been all worth it. Just to be able to cheer him as he walked out knowing he was done, it has all been worth it. Just to have him this happy jumping to The Killers, it has all been worth it.

Sometimes life just gives you a nod. It's the first day of the rest of our lives.















As I was saying...

... Cosa Verde is awesome, and... Now I am in Cosa Verde! Yay!

You can see my Cosa Verde shop here.

Cosa Verde

Just found out about these guys! This is a brilliant showcase of eco-minded crafters and artists. (click on pics to go to their cosa verde store).

I have to make a special mention of the jeweller on top: Elizaveta. The stuff is so crazy and grand is just amazing. It's encouraging and inspiring to see that she is selling these without a problem too!

Nerd Chic, yes please!

Irresistible. By Style for Style.

See the rest of the collection here (these might be too fashionista for me).

Cute masking tape

We have reached the highest point in civilization. Masking tape is cute now.


Ah, it had to happen...

Get it here.

Old Ladies Rebellion

Old ladies' Rebellion does modern, twisted clothing for older ladies. Is it wrong to want the "Let's begin with the end" dress at 22? (by the way, isn't that message on a lady that age kind of in-your-face cruel?). Oh, can't wait.

I could live here...

Mr M. and me are looking forward to our next move after Oxford (well, he's about to face his final exams and I am looking at flats that will be gone by the time we can move -Sept-). Being a young couple, we are thinking how much space we need (we live in a small place with a minimum, teeny tiny kitchen). But hey, I could live in this 48 m2 space, it looks double that. And its oh so cool. And notice it's got a laundry corner. (I must have grown up, this year, thinking of laundry corners should not make me this happy).


An odd particular beautiful bold example of statement jewellery. Dare?

Psychedelic art

Oh so tempted by these. SO. TEMPTED.
(secret source by paper whistle, i employ magical thinking by formeforyou)

Emily Ryan

I have just realized that I have no summer clothes.I don't know how that's happened. But it could be a problem if it gets hot (not really an issue in Oxford, still wearing jacket). But I've found Emily Ryan's work on etsy and just thought... "that's were my wardrobe is gone...". If only....

Old Persons home by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

Mr M. and I went to the Saatchi Gallery and were completely blown away. SO much art, all for free, with free magazines, free membership...
This work was specially spooky, for lack of a better word. It was strangely entrancing, though.

Anonymous Horse portrait

Love it but too scared to ask the price...
Via Anonymous Works (FAB! blog).

Anthony Browne

Just named Children's laureate. Monkey-obsessed illustrator.

Flatpack, an IKEA opera

The possibilities of IKEA are never ending. Whilst most of us have witnessed Soap Opera moments between couples and families there, I do not know how many have actually seen a proper Opera in IKEA. Well, fear not, it all arrives to those who wait. Flatpack is here. Enjoy.

Harriet White

These are oils on canvas. There's some talent that just makes you feel small.

Homemade chocolate vegan ice cream!

I have toyed with the idea of making ice cream since ever. I had a Barbie Ice cream shop, which turned into an ice cream maker (neve got round to using it as such). I tried making my family eat frozen, crystallized soya milk with whatever. Not nice. But I've found a recipe for vegan, homemade, CREAMY ice cream that does not require machinery!
The original recipe is from Natalie Rose, but as usual I just modified it :)

3 bananas
3 tablespoons of pure cocoa powder
2 tablespoons of tahini
1 tray of smallish ice cubes
a nice squirt of agave syrup (to taste)

Blend together in a food processor (add the ice slowly).
It's really, really nice (and healthy!). And it's been approved by Mr. M (not vegan).

More new things!

The new IT Bags are taking off! I sold a Vuitton before I could post it here (not sad about that)!

And also, new PaperBling! HooHoo!

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