Hitler on the iPad

No comment.

The Snuggies

Unbelievable mixture of crafts, practicity, bizarreness and design.

Man, I feel like a woman...

She is finished. I had never worked so intensively on something in my life. My admiration to all women who have spent their lives working with needles.

See more of the project here.
Pictures by Lulilins.

Snow masks

I LOVE this image.

Snow masks in Montral, Canada, 1939.

Funny faces

This is what happens when you make your models pose upside down.

Butterfly wannabes

Fabrikan from roma on Vimeo.

So if we are now able to do this, will little, wormy humans like me be able to build cocoons and turn into human butterflies? Whimsical.

Busy, busy, busy!

I had to study a chair (Graphical Analysis and Geometrical Reproduction), I had to design, write and make a small book on design (Design I), and now I have to create a free-themed sculpture (Sculpture I). So what did I choose to do? Something easy? No! I have decided to cross-stitch a whole Barbie doll (it's meant to be a comment on what being a female is like, I was thinking of calling it " Man, I feel like a woman!", but we'll see). Bear with me, it's due on Tuesday (legs and arms to go, head about to be finished).

PS: Thanks to the fabulous "The Science of Design" for posting my work!


I finally went. Tick.


Paralelisms in desintegrating lives

There are so many paralelisms in these two stories that I need to urge somebody to write a thesis about it. The two have bumped into my life something like 24hrs appart, too, which is even more unnerving. Any one else that I can share this experience with?

Happiness: User Instructions

Tal Ben-Shahar, Psychology Lecturer at Harvard:

" there are two kinds of people who don't experience painful emotions [...] They are the psychopaths and the dead"
"three times a week of 30 to 40 minutes of exercise is equivalent to some of our most powerful psychiatric drugs"
"people who [...] each night before going to sleep write at least five things for which they are grateful [...] are happier, more optimistic, more successful, more likely to achieve their goals, physically healthier; it actually strengthens our immune system, and are more generous and benevolent toward others"
"One of the most important things that we can do in our modern world is to simplify, to do less rather than more"

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Working like mad, procrastinating like mad

Er, I'm not actually writing in my blog but doing that design assignment. So i haven't found this either, and therefore I'm not excited about it.

And I'm not fantasising either about putting crayons in one of these and then unto the oven.

Laura Splan

Posted via email from A to Z of Makers . posterous

Er, something is not quite right :)

Time to stop fiddling with posterous or start learning how this whole thing works :)

Necklace frenzy

I like jewellery more than I care to wear it. I like it more than I can buy it, too. But these might be my "hello 2010, you are an excuse like no other" splurges (telling you I need them does not come close to my level of obsession with big, bold, thick, possibly monocolor, a bit like in the Flinstones necklaces). Click on them to visit site.

PS: A strand of beads or stones is a necklace in my book.

The dilema

I've been struggling to get a portfolio platform for my work and in my search I stumbled into tumbler (and posterous, the even more flexible system, which can adopt tumblr themes).

Whilst it did not have the perfect features, it was VERY close to doing so.
And I might not use it for my porfolio, but I'm seriously tempted to use it, somehow. I like the thousands of designs and how neat they all are.
I've toyed with the idea of moving the A to Z from blogspot to here (or equivalent in tumblr) , but I'm not sure (I'm missing the little profile notes for some reason).
Do you use it? Do you like it?

Dear 2010

Dear 2010,

I've been as much of a good girl as I could be in 2009.
I'm ready for you and I'd like to get to know you.
I feel like so many things are about to happen, I only need to figure out what.
Well then, 2010,
please be awesome.
I'll be as awesome as I can be.
Best wishes,

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