Claire Scully

Awe inspiring.

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Another one of those: How could no-one have thought of this before?
perfect Jeddah seat by Angelo Figus, via Elle Decor SA.
Reminded me of Ms. P., who had a whole wall full of African woven baskets, and it was beautiful.

Fireluche orchestra

I discovered this group in the Merce festivity (biggest event in Barcelona, loads and loads of free cultural events everywhere. Very, very worth it!).
They were on a merry-go-round -like structure and their music was really, really magic. If you could describe an ideal of childhood, full of fairy-tales, it would sound like this.

A memory for the future

The first day in Painting class, the teacher said "you are to do a painting, anything, whatever can make you look best as artists". Oh dear, I thought. I hadn't really painted before. When I actually sketched the thing I started colouring in with some sort of flesh colored concotion of paint and well, it was NOT good. So I decided I wasn't gonna pretend I knew how to paint. i'd invent a way. And this is what happened in the end.

This is a note to my future graduate self: hope you are doing it better now!

PS: notice I never worked in paper as big as this and the perspective is not correct (it was from were I was sitting :D)


Can I have one please, I won't even mind wich one.

It happens when nobody is looking

The future is here and serves Amnesty International.

There is hope.

Liza Lou

I saw Liza Lou's work on Elle Decor SA and I was in so much shock and awe I've taken a few days to post this.

Just so that you know, it's ALL made with beads.

Stoned Cherry fabrics

Stoned Cherry was founded in 2000 and is one of the leading contemporary African fashion labels. The founder is designer Nkhensani Nkosi. Their work has quite a strong traditional influence, and their pieces almost have "an attitude". All I can say, down there in Swaziland we were all mad for it. We'd go to every now and then Jo'burg and try their pieces on and despair at their prices (which were not terrible, but we were students and used to the local prices).

Now Nkhensani has introduced a textile collection and you'll all agree it's rather awesome.

PS: Once, they had a basket full of discounted prices in the shop. The articles were tops made out of two strips of fabric: one like a boob tube that was laced up at the back, and the other piece hung from the front almost to your ankles. And I did get one. Who know what this can be in a few years!

Dirty poster

Oh, it's beautiful in every sense.

Happily doomed

Oh dear,
today was my first day of school, only that no teacher turned up. Uh uh.
I had been warned this was not like in the UK, but I don't think I was ready. Well, I've met quite a lot of new people (and quite good people they seem to be), so we are all together in this. It has quite a community feeling already (all the hours waiting for teachers to come are meant to bond somehow). So somehow, welldone for today.

I've reopened my shops and I am over the moon. I have not been forgotten!
To everbody who has been waiting for me: THANKS! (in big capitals).
You'll find free shipping in nosideup to celebrate the anniversary of the shop. :)
And Paper and Stitch readers will have a little extra offer.
I'm very happy to be back!

loving gracia

Gracia means grace in Catalan. And i now live in Gracia, in Barcelona. This neighbourhood is so made to our measure we cannot help but approve as we discover charming places in every corner. Internet connexion not available in the flat yet, as you might have noticed.

And now i'm off to re-open the shop and get back to work (I'm back to school tomorrow, apparently).

Found by Oscar Diez.

See here how Oscar Diez created this

from this. Brilliant!

Fantastic Mr Fox, bring it on



It IS fantastic.

So Wes Anderson, and yet so different from all he's done!





Country envy

I sometimes suffer of country envy. You can be perfectly happy somewhere and suddenly you get this uncomfortable, inpractical feeling... country envy!

You get it on Sunday mornings, reading the paper, when you learn there's this awesome exhibition by your favourite artist in New York. You get it when you see South African houses. You get it when you live in a cold country and see pics of warmer places. You get it when you LOVE something on the internet and realise they only ship to France.

Well, I've just seen this post and wished I was in Argentina. (I have an insane obsession with this kind of furniture)

What to expect when you are expecting...

... your ikea furniture to be delivered.

I thought I was done with the waiting... but NO! I now need to wait for my stuff to be delivered and for IKEA to receive some stuff they didn't have yesterday. But seems like we'll be able to have a lovely weekend sorrounded by screws and instruction sheets! (no irony here, I am looking forward to it!).

The Flat is now painted (The "hall", a.k.a. the corridor in front of the main door was blood-red and Mr. M's studio was the same color too; we've left the kitchen and the 2nd corridor "bloody") and full, VERY FULL of tings that need shelves and cases and palces to be put on.

In the meanwhile, I'm trying to guess when does my course start (do not compare Britsh organizational skills with Spanish ones), and trying to get a phone/internet line to get Etsy going again. Oh, and playing a lot of Uno and Ingenious (this last one is seriously addictive).

PS: I am HOPEFULLY reopening the shop this weekend. I seriously cannot wait. I'm planning to have some offers to celebrate that's now a year old! So if you were left wondering about the bags or the hair portraits a while ago, now it's the time!

Beautiful traditional floors





We now have (rent) a flat.

I feel like I've just woken up. There's tons to catch up in the real world (Etsy, University, jobs).

We've been deep, deep cleaning; steam cleaning, chemical cleaning (not my favourite, I swear), mechanical cleaning.

But aren't my new traditional floors beautiful? (The building was done in two parts, the latest one was in 1924). The red floral ones are in my "studio" (first time ever I'll have "a room of my own"); the birds one is my very favourite (that'll be living/eating room). The last one will be our bedroom.

Ps: I know I never posted Paris pictures. Let's say you'll find better ones in Flickr.

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