Merry Xmas (even if it's a tad late)

My dear everyone,
I've been spending time with Mr M's family.
We've played Dixit (awesome game for all ages), and The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow (adapting it to the village we were in).
In the meanwhile, I am writing three lenghty essays, all due after the holidays (one study of how African art has been used -and abused- in cubist exhibitions; another one on the earliest work of Louise Bourgeois; and another one on the use of hair as an outfit in art history).
All the very best for 2011 and see you soon!

Xmas gift guide

Here's a little selection to which I keep on adding awesomeness every now and then...

I'm in Dujour!

Hello most patient people in the universe!
Check what appeared in Dujour mag!
Here's a preview of Dujour. If you love it, you can subscribe here!
Thanks Brittni for the love!

The Indi Heroines are now up!

Yes, it has taken me a while (Like everything these days) But here they are!


Dear all,
I've been cheating on this blog, badly and openly.
Ever since Pinterest came to my life (a life where I am an intern, a MA student and an Etsian), I've been flirting with it heavily.
To me its immediacy is absolutely brilliant. I always thought there should be a visual twitter and this is even better. It saves me from keeping tabs and tabs open in order to remember to post about something, so I really just pin it.
I am not saying this is it, but my blogging is definitely on the rocks.
Nonetheless, please do feel free to pass by and join in:
Hair in Art

Stuff I'm pinning for

Patterns and


Ok. I don't know if you remember, but I had a slight "Oh dear, tumblring is the new blogging" which almost immediately turned into "Posterous is the new tumblr". None of those two went too far (including a late attempt to write fiction in tumbr).
Well. This is the new thing: Pinterest is the new tumblr. As in, Pinterest is rather amazing, clearly visual, with tons of interesting but selected people and very, very intuitive. To me, it's a much better Tumblr.
It's as easy as you just pin an image on your wall. It's one of those rituals translated from real life to virtual life that really, really works.
So, I'm really pleased to say I'm in.


Let me introduce you to Summer, Mindy, Margot, Juno, Clementine and Amèlie. The Indie Heroines.

Emily and Simon

My biggest throretical piece during my Baccalaureate was a comparison between the images of teenagers of two artists: an adult that painted teens and a teen that drew comics. The painter was Simon Henwood and he was super nice to the 17 year old me.
The other day I found out about Emily Glaubinger and her work reminded me of Hemwood's a bit more on the postpostmodern side.
So I leave you in the good company of their creations...


Glass owls

By Happy Owl.

Les Ulldes

What happens when a photographer, an enamelist and a designer get together?
Well, lovely little super affordable enamel candy-like jewellery happens.
You've got angels, princesses, meninas, little red ridding hoods and even Fridas (all three of us are massive fans of her).
Drop me a line ;)

Musical chairs

Fantastic chair made out of piano keys.
So balanced, so delicate yet bold.
By Ninestoriesfurniture.
Via Ok Great.

Madrid: So backward it's forward

This has been the motto for today's promenade around town (it's a festive day).
We've seen a shop dedicated only to woven cushions with pics of pets on it.
A show on the old militars in the Sahara, where all the exhibits were made with a big foam board, home-printed pictures (some stolen from the net), a list of references made with word and push pins.
A lady buying art in the street asking for advice to the seller because she was buying "for a very surrealist person, you know".
And a lady coimng out of the movie by Banksy (in the pic above) saying "He had such a lovely voice" (his voice is distorted to preserve his identity).
Madrid, definitely a funny place.


Hey everyone,
I am alive and well, very alive. I am now 24, since yesterday. And Mr M is now 24 too, since the day before yesterday (I love having our birthdays together).
We had a Wes Anderson themed party at out micro flat and it was amazing to see out friends with fake mustaches, bathroom robes and scuba goggles (we don't have pics yet).
Besides that, the internship work and the MA at the Reina Sofia Museum are slowly increasing the pressure. That's without counting life, which keeps on happening. What I'm trying to say is: I am well but busy beyond myself. I guess I will eventually be able to balance virtual and real life, but so far I just had to let the virtual one go a little.
Needless to say, I miss the blogosphere a lot.

Kehinde Wiley

You know I'm a sucker for patterns.
You know I like the world bold and colorful.
Then imagine my reaction in discovering Kehinde Wiley's art.
I know, I felt I died and went to heaven too.

Interview in Go Mag!

Lovely Anna Tomás from Go Mag has published an interview with me today!
It is in Spanish so let google translate or your old second grade Spanish class help you out wit this one :)

Want a free bag?

Thought you would....
For the first time in history, Doodlers Anonymous and Nosideup join efforts to spread some doodling love in the form of two bags... GRATIS!

Join in, be loved.

Boots, cellotape and tights

Or a misleading title for two things I found at my sister's blog, Aha!
The video uses some images I had thought of for a project on changing your own appearance with daily objects. And was really glad to see how it looked! And the bike, well, the bike just had to be passed on.
Happy Sunday!

Concrete floor tiles

So, so beautiful and, bizarrely, kind of "antique". Reminds me of places I've never been to but always wanted to go to.
Via The Best Part.

Beautiful Kenzo



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