So... news!

I've been thinking about how to post this and I haven't come to a conclusion, so I'll just go for it.
You might have seen I've change my website quite a lot. This change answers a need to reflect my current work better. And here's the thing: the new site is less visual, less image-based.

I've been extraordinarily lucky to find a part time collaboration in Madrid (the current economic climate in Spain has 40% of recent graduates unemployed, so I am lucky). What I do combines very, very well most of my areas of expertise: I am an innovation and design manager/consultant (we haven't quite agreed on the name yet :) ). This needs me to be creative, but also requires trendhunting, research and analytical skills, intuition and I even throw in my more theoretical side. I'm seeing amazing people and customers, and I'm doing design thinking workshops, which I love doing.

This means that, as I threatened to do before summer, I feel that my priorities have shifted and the current up-keeping of the shop just doesn't pay off. You've seen the pics of the post office these days: it's hours and hours of waiting for a very, very small profit margin. It get to a point were the balance between joy and inconvenience just doesn't work out.

So my thoughts are that after the Christmas campaign I will choose to close the shop in order to focus on my local life. So get your Nosideup whilst you can!

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Post office rush

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Oh dear. This is what my local post office looks like these days. Please do bear with me and any delays there might have been...! (the queue continued outside the building)...

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Dear, dear, dear. It's almost Christmas! I've had wonderful, wonderful, wonderful year. And I thought to myself... you know what? What comes around must go around. So here it is, a good karma for all offer. The bags are awesome and they should go to awesome houses. So I reduced them $6, so that you can make your xmas gifts fairtrade and organic this year. Namaste. And thanks.

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