The IT totes

Remember when we were all rich and watched Sex and the City and spent thousands on It Bags? (I was too young and veggie back then to have one).

Well, just like dinousars are cool because they are extinguished, so can the It Bags. Se more in the shop.

Giveaway @ Stuff under twenty

The wonderful people at Stuff under Twenty are having a Nosideup giveaway!

See how you can get it here.

Vanitas by Fernando Vicente

Not the first seen in this style, but full of charm and massive amounts of talent. Really subtle and animalistic reminder of what lies beneath glamour. Fernando Vicente is also an illustrator for El Pais. You can see more here.

Kenzo Ryoko

They are not really new, but this pebble-like mini-perfumes (designed by Karim Rashid) are rather cute.


Just found out about Isamu Noguchi's light sculptures. I loved them (their wonkiness, the black pattern), but thought the price tag was slightly on the scary side.


Awesome book on art made with paper.

Back to Spain

Back home to give a surprise to my grandma, who's turning 82!
Oh dear, I forgot how different the weather is here compared to Oxford!

Ironic cheese

My grandparents have a Lladro Romeo and Juliet figurine. Needless to say, it's pure, unadulterated cheese. Now Committee has co-llaborated with Lladro (who are really thinking outside the box right now) for this funny, intelligent re-interpretation. Yes to ironic cheese.

I'm a juicer machine killer

I have returned three (3!) juicing machines in a month. I'm off to return my last one (I got it yesterday). I cannot believe it (they are all different brands, too). I have worked in a juice bar. I know how to operate them. Why do they die on me like that, then? My mini-flat is full of packaging that needs to be kept and we are really good at repacking things, by now.
I'm really grumpy.

Pitt Rivers Museum

Mr. M and I went to the Pitt Rivers Museum (inside the Natural History Museum in Oxford). What an odd delight it was! The museum is on of those fascinating places that British people do so well (despite being started by that colonial mentality: "you savage do wonderful things, I shall take them away and preserve them far away from your savage hands"). It's all organized like an old-fashioned museum, all glass cabinets and crammed. I could have been there for hours. You get a torch on your way in to explore all the corners. There are no large explanation but tiny handwritten labels on the objects themselves. Mind you, the shrunken heads and so on weren't that lovely. But I'd recommend that if you ever happen around here, pay this curiosity-packed spot a visit.

A work in progress (Frida)

I am feeling like having a Frida revival. I am totally fascinated by her story and the simplicity but brutal honesty of her work. And, needless to say, she is a style icon (facial hair optional).

So I've decided to investigate her by drawing her.

I have started taking pics at different stages for you to see how I work. I actually love doing portraits, and have been missing it with all the linear hair work and paper cutting. There's still work left to do (although I do like the "unfinished" look, and it's more richly coloured in real life).
This is based on a picture by Nickolas Muray.

Airpod car

I'v never really felt the desir to drive. I have not really needed to, either. But this made me feel so much like driving around. So far, it's the best alternative to current cars that I've seen. What do you guys make of it?

Ross Noble

I'm going to watch this man tomorrow. It's not conventional, but I laugh my heart out.


Whimsical, modern aesthetics, I'd say.
Love the idea of a fake watch, but I really like the button + postcard image.

What do you think?

Sweet Anthem

I got a 6 perfume subscription from Sweet Anthem. I just received my last package and I am over the moon. A perfume I wouldn't have chosen myself (Vicky) is actually really special (at least on me) and it's really affordable!
Meredith is a pleasure to deal with and she'll even make a personalized scent for you.
Lovely and vegan!


The secret is out...

I have not had the time to update Nosideup on Etsy for a while. There's a reason, and it's called PaperBling. And now it's out. I'm so proud and happy to see some funky, recycled, vegan jewellery out there. And needless to say, proud that it is mine. They are light and bold and versatile. You can wear them with more stuff, you can regulate their lenght. They burst with color and love. And I am happy they will find homes were they'll be admired and loved.

David Chipperfield for Alessi

It's called Tonale, and I want it all. I mean it.


Pleeeeeeeeeeeenty of pretty things this season...
(I could happily spend hundreds on the high street right now. Anyone been in Zara lately?)

Minnie buys Vogue

Minnie Mouse meets fashion according to jenniferloiselle (On etsy). What else can you ask for?

Bisazza floral mosaic

I definitely approve. See more here.

More hair!

I've just found these!

I am slowly realizing there's a whole bunch of people working on "hair" and reverse portraits... lovely!
Via the charming A Cup of Jo.

Free chips...

Vending Machine from Ellie Harrison on Vimeo.

... everytime the BBC mentions the crisis/recession. Piece by Ellie Harrison.
Original and funny!
Via Noquedanblogs.

Yinka Shonibare

Extraordinary Turner prize-nominated British-born Nigerian (don't you just love this kind of labelling?), working on identity. So great and full of humour. Thanks to Mr. M. for pointing him out. Enjoy.

Great deal more here.

Unexpected Blake

Mr. M. and I have been to Bath today (first free Saturday in what feels like a lifetime). Besides loads of lovely scenery, we've stumbled accross this piece by Peter Blake (Sgt. Pepper disc cover, anyone?), and it has shun light into an unexpected side and sensitivity. Now I am looking a lot at this book, like if that was going to put it on sale.

Jeremy geddes

So much talent, and so much darkness. See more here.

Isabelle Abramson

So delicately pretty!
These bowls looks so light, so dreamlike, so fragile... Oh, the need to have one!
See Isabelle's etsy shop here.

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