bye August

Am I the only one feeling a weird mixture of melancholy and excitement?

Summer's over, with all its time and sun and pool.

September is on the door step, with the cold, the knits, the baking, the back to work/study...


By Thursday I'll be back in London, hopefully with somewhere to sleep in.

(Pic. "Love is where the heart is", available at the shop)

Islamic art

Yesterday I went to see an exhibition on Islamic science. No, I am no a science person, but the exhibition was good enough. I became fascinated once again with their Art, included in the exhibition because of the geometry.

There was this very informative (I am being serious) video on how the parts of the pattern would fold, multiply, fold the other way, etc until an uber complex pattern resulted.

So I've gently borrowed a few images from the net (sorry no catalogue from the real exhibition available) for you to drool at the shapes, the colors and the textures.

It has been really interesting too to see how much cultural inheritance Spain has got still nowadays from all the Arabic civilization. The colorful images are from the Alhambra, the other ones I sadly cannot tell.

Hey people!

There are comments in my previous posts!

There is life out there!

Thanks and hang on in there, I shall be constant with the blogging (although I do have a bad PMS...)


PS: Title of the work shown:
She couldn't help thinking her best friend had a bit of a moustache
(available at my Etsy shop

My Betsies have arrived!

I bought two prints from one of my very, very favourite artists: Betsy Walton (you can find her at ).

They are so perfect, so delicate, so full of details, so amazing!Her talent will never cease to fascinate me. (the one on the pic is "Angular cloud")

If you are tempted to buy anything of her, just do it.

My Wii trainer is a Bitch

So I've been Wii-ing like crazy. Love it. Fantastic.

So a couple of days ago I pulled myself together for an abdominal challenge (I was calculating he would want me to do 70 reps) with Mr. Trainer. I took a deep breath, pressed A... and there he appeared, sweat-free as usual, with his little pony tail (why Wii creators, why that tail?). An what does the bastard tell me? Come back some other time, I'm not feeling well.

I was so shocked. How's the guy meant to give me teenage-Britney's-six-pack with this attitude?

The guy's a bitch.

And yesterday i tried again to challenge him, and he confessed... he had been secretly training! he only gave up after 100 reps... He should take himself less seriously.

So, here I am!

Dear nobody (this is my first post, obviously nobody will pass by randomly to read this)
I opened an etsy shop some days ago ( , since you ask), and been heartly recommended to support it with a blog.
I've attempted one before, but after three days and no readers I cancelled it.
I cannot say how much i admire those who are constant enough to sustain one of these. Some of my favourites are, (Ashley was the reason i joined Etsy. Her stuff was too good not to),,, ... well, a lot!
So here I am, the brand-new blog writer.

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