So, here I am!

Dear nobody (this is my first post, obviously nobody will pass by randomly to read this)
I opened an etsy shop some days ago ( , since you ask), and been heartly recommended to support it with a blog.
I've attempted one before, but after three days and no readers I cancelled it.
I cannot say how much i admire those who are constant enough to sustain one of these. Some of my favourites are, (Ashley was the reason i joined Etsy. Her stuff was too good not to),,, ... well, a lot!
So here I am, the brand-new blog writer.

What did you think? 

4 Responses

  1. gravatar Sweet Irie says:

    Beautiful drawing! You have talent! How does she get her hair like that? hehe ;)

  2. welcome to blogging !!!!!!! I will check back often :P

  3. Very fine......

  4. gravatar Littleclouds says:

    cool drawing!

    I'm new to blogging too, it is really difficult to maintain isn't it?!

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