I was just passing by...

.. and thought I'd say hi.
It's been a great, mad week.
It's been Mr M.'s and mine birthdays (I love that we were born 24hrs appart!), and we've had our families in out teeny tiny flat for lunch today. Proper awesome, and grown up!
Also, I am LOOOOOVING my painting lessons, more than anything. Iwould have never guessed that would be my favourite subject, but hey, such is life. It's mostly down to our teacher, who has a very particular teaching system. His color theory is just mind-blowing. I swear I can now see colors i did not see before. Imagine that.
I have tons I want to post, so fear not, I'll be more constant than this past days :)

PS: Need to prepare a lunch for 10 people, including your other half's family?
Veganomicom IS the book.

Stone goodness

How can some rocks be so extremely irresistible and appealing?

Ask stonestudiostoo. They manage very, very well.

I have a few ideas for this hard beauties. They are gorgerous!

Hanging Henry

We found this AWESOME tray wit ver colorful Henry VIII in a local thrift store.

He's about to be hung from our walls!

"Moving Graffitti"

A friend at university passed this to me.
Awesome, isn't it?
By Blu and David Ellis.
Thanks, Anna.

Free furniture? Yes thanks.

Ikea, be scared.

Foldschool is an awesome website where you can download the instructions and patterns to make your own (very well designed) cardboard furniture. Cheap, eco, interactive, personalizable. I'm off to making the stools (that sounds slightly wrong, doesn't it).

Keri Smith

I've had her books in my hands without even realizing.

Now I've found out some of the writtings in her blog and I'm fascinated.

See what I mean here.

PS: Is it me, or one cannot see most of the images in this blog anymore?!

Max Lamb

Fascinating, hm?

So simple and beautiful.

Eat Diary, that's IT

As a stationery fanatical I always have a terrible time deciding amongst notebooks and diaries. Well, not this coming year. THIS is THE ONE.

(see how you can specify how much you spend, or earn; and review cultural activities in it. Agh... I've even touched it in a shop here in Barcelona... Oh, the only thing I can't resist is temptation).

A to Z of Makers

Since I was not busy enough (ha, ha, ha) I've started a new blog:

"A to Z of makers"

Each post will be like an index card for an artist, designer or crafter that I'd like to be able to find again.

Hope you like it too!

Tillsammans (Together)

I found this movie bu Lukas Moodysson really engaging, really human and really moving. And it reminded me of the "togetherness" I experienced in London (which was horrendous); and made me feel like there might be hope left for sharing.

Who knows.

All I know is that this movie is worth searching and watching.

Free shipping is finishing!

Just a quick note, the Nosideup free shipping month-long offer is expiring on the 15th of October.
Just so that you know.

The jazz century

(art by Albert Alexander Smith)

(art by Marvin Israel)

Never thought I'd like this exhibition as much as I did. It was built so that on one side you had a timeline of jazz covers and news, and on the other side the art that was inspired by it. I found out some names I didn't know, although they could have dared adding more information on the political side.

(art by David Stone Martin)

The website has a lot of what's shown, so if you want to see it, click here.
Lovely and about to finish. If you are around, pop in (free on Sunday afternoons!)

The fun theory

The concept of "play" has always been thought relevant in the world of design. But this is amazingly applied to public spaces for a better environment.

I'm wondering, though, is this hidden advertising for Volkswagen?


Binding Constant Show

Find this show online at Rare Device.
There's work by the exceptional Diem Chau (remember those fab carved crayons?), the great Lisa Solomon and the wonderful Marina Luz.

Amy Cutler

Some people are just really talented, and live in a very particular inner world. See more here.

Autumn/Winter 09 look

I don't care what fashion magazines might say.

This is OFFICIALLY my A/W 09 look. A girl's victorian nighttime hairdo, as seen in Miss Potter.

Oh, yeah. I've even bought the bows.

This is weird.

I'm a bit weirded out by similar things to my It Bags popping all over the place. I seem to have seen a Fendi one, a Longchamp one and well, other bloggers showing their on versions of my work (crediting me and all, although they did get comments in their post asking to buy it off them). Is this weird or what?
If you sell original wearable illustrations for 25 dollars in a teeny tiny online store, isn't it nice to support this person's work?
Mmmm. I'm not sure I'm angry, and I should be really flattered (I'm not saying the Big Names copied my work, rather that we all came to the same creative conclusion). I'm still feeling ackward, though, about the "I copied this off the web, isn't it nice" kind of thing.
Any thoughts?

Mati Rose

Remember I sold my first PaperBling yesterday?

Well, it is most likely it happened because of Mati Rose, who posted my work on her blog.

Now, that's awesome by itself, but it so happens that Mati Rose is a bold, energetic, crazy, colorful, fantastic, fabulous artist.

Check it out by yourselves!

First Paperbling

My first PaperBling sale just happened. I'm thrilled to bits!

I've done original collage panoramic postcards to go with them...

Oh, happiness is a wet stamp!

naming poll

I am thinking of making a portfolio that could include the totality of my work. Given that such page might outgrow the Nosideup brand, I'm a bit weary of using that as the domain. My second surname is quite unspellable for most languages...
What do you guys think?
Please take the poll!
(there's two musical options too, the very Spanish Porompompom and the Beatles (urban legend?) original version of Norwegian Wood, Knowing She Would.

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