Thanks, again

Thanks to The Storque, Cositas Serias, She can't decide , Scoutie Girl and Hey Susy.
You guys blooming rock. :)

Remember the divas?

I introduced them here, and now one of them has changed name and moved to Etsy.

They're fussy and high-maintenance. You know you need one!

You rug my world

Sorry, I just had to.

Lovely, hm? I wouldn't mind something like this but way larger (maybe with more minimalistic teeth?).

See more here.

Q10 with BretPendlebury

Bret from BretPendlebury is yet another terrific artist in Etsy. And he's been so super he's answered one of my Q10s! Thanks a ton to Bret.

1- What makes you happy?

little things, like lighting bugs, having the ability to surprise myself, watering my garden and watching it grow.

2- What do you want to be when you grow up?

i want to be my own boss, healthy and happy, and an inspirational father.

3- What could you not live without?

i could not live with out my loved ones, every thing else is just material when compared to that.

4- What is your favourite object?

my grand father’s old paint brushes, i like to think they give me magical powers.

5- What do you collect?

antiques, anything old and beat seems when things are aged and worn out, they have allot of charter, and more of a story to tell. i especially collect old photos.

6- If you had to pick one artist...

i would have a drink with edward gorey (see following image)

7- What song would make up the soundtrack to your life?

the introduction song to full house.just kidding! i would have to say “ in a beautiful place out in the country - boards of canada.

8- Sweet or savoury?


9- Why did the chicken cross the road?

probably to get away from the rooster..

10- One piece of advise (in Art, Blogs or life)

always remember that there are no limits or rules on creating your art.


Fabulous artist in Etsy. Those drawings! They're so personal and have an amazing strengh. It's an amazing feeling to find new (to me) seller with such overwhelming talent in the sea of Etsy.

That was interesting

Photoshop crimes and their proofs. It's good to be reminded of these atrocities, really.

B never

B never too busy to be beautiful (yeah, long name) is a vegan make-up company that dares doing colors. So Yay! to colorful daring vegans. And they've just launched to extra-bright lipsticks that are incredibly flattering: Berlin and Belinda (not to mention their classic Boudoir, absolutely classic and balanced red). Plus, they are the answer to the odd question: where do vegans get vegan fake eyelashes and glue?

Eco advertising.

Curb is a London-based advertising company. They use techniques like cleaning surfaces with a stencil or stamping snow or sculpting sand. 10/10 on creativity, 10/10 on eco-responsibility!

Smart Monkey

I'm not on a matematical rage, but I thought this looked amazing, and worked fantastically!
Multiplying Monkey from Cuarto derecha.

Living with cats

This post from Elle Decoration SA is totally awesome. Enjoy it!

Ikea cars

My dad send me the picture with the sentence: "Ikea to launch cars to front crisis. Brace yourselves". Made me laugh. Thanks, dad.


I had to go down to London for business (I know, how terrible). And had the chance to see a bit of urban civilization. And, in a glorious epiphany, I found myself walking into COS (the grown-up sophisticated younger sister of H&M). It was like "this could happily be my wardrobe", the whole two floors (I could always donate the men's range to Mr. M.).

I got myself a ring (which reminds me a lot of this Bona Drag Flair one, isn't this jewellery lovely?) and a T-shirt (too many years of student savings to go and blow it with dresses, and jackets, and the whole lot). They are so absolutely fabulous, and I feel so grown-up with them.

Kundalini yoga

Around Christmas I decided that Belly Dancing was OK, but that I was missing yoga (I used to do Ashtanga). So I got myslef some random Pilates DVD and, overwhelemd by the variety in Amazon, I got the most voted Yoga DVD. It so happened to be a Kundalini Yoga DVD by Maya Fiennes.

The first time Mr. M. and I tried it, we just looked at each other and couldn't stop grinning. It was SO GOOD. May I repeat thet? SO SO GOOD. It just felt too good to describe (I could try, but all kind of cheesy things would come out, and I've got a reputation to keep).

All I'll say is try it. Please. It's ... (again, we'll avoid all the "life-changing"-like expressions, but, you know).

Since then I've tried a few of the US Amazon most voted Kundalini DVDs by Ravi Singh & Ana Brett and I still find myslef going back to Maya's, again and again.


Very sweet necklace from Yellowgoat (who also blogs).
(a bit like the vintage envelope-neckalces).


See her story here.

Hella Jongerius

Having done design sometimes makes me want to cry. Like when nobody thought much of a piece and then you see a very similar thing has won an award, or when Hella Jongerius comes up with a table very similar to what you spent ages doing but nobody thought it would hold (I do acknowledge this is very well resolved). I'll quietly sit sighing whilst you can check it out here.

PS: Have you seen her new designs for Ikea?!

Stuart Pearson Wright

Mr M. and I saw an illustration on a book cover and we both stopped and said "this is so amazing!" (kinda happened like that). The style rung a bell and it's because Stuart Pearson Wright is the artist that pictured J. K. Rowling for the Portrait Gallery in london. He's an absolute portrait god (and he's only 33). Enjoy more of him here.

Mamaslittlebabies earrings

Aren't they hilarious and cool?
I love the bridies, but can't help laughing at the tattooed man ones...

Dialog bags

More on ethical fashion...

I am forever looking for a vegan bag that's not a tote (I'm an expert at looking for my wallet for hours in the immense depth on those). These dialog bags are lovely, vegan and have style (there's a CSM graduate behind the brand)!

Buy them at ASOS.

Stella Mccartney for Red Nose Day

Finally a charity T-shirt that you'd like to own for its looks!

Stella has designed this (made in Africa, 100% organic) collection to benefit Red Nose Day. They are rather fabulous. I'm gonna go for the Beatles or (if they would fit) for the adorable bunny one (but that's for children). Yay!
See more here.

Yoshihiro Suda

I've had one of Yoshihiro Suda's flowers before my own eyes in the V&A. They are stunning, delicate, and so intrinsically beautiful. A single little petal can take days to make out of painstainkingly carved wood. Admire them here.

Visual multiplication


Such a lovely book! See it here.

Perfumes: the Guide

If you have ever, ever walked into a department store and sprayed yourselves senseless; if you have been left associating that book you bought with the smelly tester paper you used to mark the page, if you have ever been given a perfume for Christmas... Read this. It's witty and rather fascinating (and it is grossly entertaining to share. What did you say you use? Oh, they only give a star to that -a tonic for your inner bitch-).
It basically reviews most perfumes ever made (even obscure brands) with stars (one for poor, five for brilliant).

And well, I just have to say it. After reading this, it's official I have a pretty good nose (something had to compensate my lack or rythm and coordination).

Thomas Forsyth

I love the random delicacy of the lines resulting from his objects.
Hurray for young experimental designers!
See his site here.


If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Celebrate the credit crunch in all it apocaliptic glory: loads of originals at half price.

Get yourselves an original to look at in your new nights in!

snowy posts

I still love you, but there's no internet at home (YET), and the snowiest, coldest winter in the UK for the last 20 yrs.
I'll be back...

New Ulldes!

We're extending the collection in the family enterprise.

Meet the new stars!

See Les Ulldes Shop here, and my business-partners (mum and sis) blogs here and here.

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

So good, it hurts. Read in one sitting. Soooo good.

public thoughts

More on "street" art: random tought (love) bubbles!

Mend of me by Ilaria Margutti

Raw and painful and fantastic and mind-blowing.
See more here.

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