Reading your way to a chair

Wall-sticker by Florian Kremb. Very smart. Although it's so horribly overpriced it makes me want to just put a pen to my wall. But I won't.

Melanie Bilenker

This artist and jewellery maker uses her own hair in her pieces.
Reminds me of this and this.
Via Hand/Eye Magazine.

Miranda July

She does rock my socks, badly.
Just the initial page of her site would do it.
But she's got a gorgeous movie out there, and a fab collection of stories. There's more, too, but I'm getting into her universe slowly, slowly.
If you ever thought that all performance artists rip their guts off in public whilst talking about their vaginas, try again. Her sweetness, and innocence and candour doesn't make her shallow, quite the contrary. It's like when you realize there are great writers that do not need big words to write beautifully.

Austin Power

Is that his real name? we'll possibly never know.

Nonetheless, his watercolour portraits are so very ghostly and, in a way, tender that I just had to show you. Enjoy.

The Offer

Another strange painting.

(First watercolour attempt, and I liked them very much, actually)
I promise this is a happy painting despite all the gore!
Teacher feedback: boring, too symetrical.
Failing harder, all the way :)

ARCO, the aftermath

Arco is meant to be the referential show for all those new things in Art. I had never been able to go until now, and well, NOW is crisis time.

So, what did I see? Loads of 2D, loads of safe bets, loads of repetition, ans some "I bet this makes it into the papers". Not very impressed.
Here's a tiny collection of what I saw (you might ask who are the pieces by. This is a good thing to ask. But the place was so, so overwhelming, all I can say is, sorry, I have no clue).


I'm off to ARCO (COntemorary ARt fair) in Madrid.

Be good...
I leave you with the goollery, a website that compiles all google-inspired projects. You'll be so busy procrastinating there, you won't even miss me :)

Die Antwoord (confused, very confused)

Are they for real?

Can they possibly be?
Their name means "The answer".
They are an alternatively tatooed man, a girl that wears a mullet and looks like a child, and another dude. And sometimes a progeria-sufferer.
Rumor has it they can be a massive artistic performance, or even an ad (I've seen some images with Puma written on it). Remember, World Cup is coming.
So strange and trashy... it's attractive.
Has South Africa created a monster, or something advanced to its own time?

La leyenda del tiempo // The legend of Time

El soñaba sobre el tiempo
He was dreaming about time
Flotando como un velero
Floating like a sailing boat
Nadie puede abrir semillas
No one can open seeds
En el corazón del sueño
In the heart of the dream
El tiempo va sobre el sueño
Time goes on a dream
Hundido hasta los cabellos
Sinking up to the hair
Ayer y mañana comen
Yesterday and tomorrom are eating
Oscuras flores de duelo
Dark flowers in mourning

There is a lot of popular Kitsch around Camaron's figure, but I really like this song.

Tada! is up and running (how many more changes will it undergo is still not known :) )

Marcel van der Vlugt

Obviously his mum never told him not to play with food.
Loving the textures...
Via We find Wildness.

Olivia Locher

There are some names that just sound right.
They sound talented, they promise you good things.
Olivia Locher is one of those names.
And it delivers.
oh, by the way, she's just 19.

The Man

See more about the campaign here.

Ron Mueck at work

I loved this pic.

I love Mr Mueck's work, too.
One day I'll catch an exhibition wherever I'll be living :)

I'm here

I’m Here is a 30-minute love story about the relationship between two robots living in Los Angeles. The film - which is written and directed by Spike Jonze - will be released online in March."

The other Nick Cave

It's funny when two artists are called the same.
The other day I heard in the radio that Laura Esquivel would be singing and dancing in "The Ugly Duckling - on ice" show. I thought, What, the writer?!; but no, it's an 15 year old actress that just happens to have the same name.
When I heard that Nick Cave had a textile show at the UCLA Fowler Museum, I thought "This man has no limits". But, again, it's a name coincidence. And the stuff is extremely interesting (from what I can see online!). These pieces are "sound suits" and are wearable. You can also watch an hour long lecture by the artist here.

Wire weavers

Besides the work being fabulous, and all the economic envigoration; I think the speaker touches very briefly on a vey interesting and particular aspect of the (Southern) African material culture: the constant adapting of newcoming materials, and incorporating those into traditional crafts.

Walking on lobster claw heels to heaven

Alexander McQueen passed away this morning.

There goes a true talent. He wasn't vegan-friendly precisely, but he was an absolute fashion genius. Mourning all the creations we'll never see.

New Paperbling, work in progress

Hello world, I couldn't wait to have good light to take pics of these.

They are turning really, really nice. I think my sense of color has improved quite a bit this semester. (Although I've realized that all I do lately is soft greys/greens and various pinks).
This time there's recicled paint in some of them, and japanese masking tape, and metal connectors.
They are not finished, but they'll have bright ribbons to tie them.

A lengthy process - Joe Sorren

As a Painting student I found this post on how a picture is made absolutely fascinating. From May to August! See the full article here.
Via Art-Milk.

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