Elle Decor! Super mega yay! (or bad self-promotion gone good)

Yeah, that's the Lucky Candles in the Elle Decor Blog from South Africa!

Nonetheless, I feel like there's a lesson to be learnt here, so I'll tell you the full story of how this happened.

When I was studying in CSM they were very good at telling us about self-promotion. Basically, the message was "they won't come looking for you (there are thousands of designers being vomited from design schools every year), you need to go and present yourself". That's really true, boys and girls. So I try and make a habit of contacting bloggers I honestly admire and show them my work (you can see some advice on approaching blog editors, from the horses' mouth).

This, as far as I have seen, causes two reactions: polite silence or enthusastic blogging. Now, when I approached Heather Moore (aka Skinny LaMinx) about my work, I did something very stupid: I sent all the blah, blah, blah and forgot the pictures, so I had to go back and send a "i'mreallystupidbutherearethepictures" mail. That's BAD on anyone's book.

Heather was terrifically sweet about it, joking about how I was trying to get her attention by bombarding her email account, and still posted the candles on the Elle Decor blog.

So what have we learnt? If you want to get your work seen, promote yourself. If you want to promote yourself, double check if you send your pictures. If you f*ck up, pray it's Heather who you were emailing. Thanks, Heather, for everything.

What did you think? 

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  1. gravatar me melodia says:

    where have these been all my life.

    Thanks for posting. :-)

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