Fail Harder

Like the Blogger of Extreme Craft, I came accross this painstakingly made mural whilst watching Art and Copy. Would like one for my wall.

Kate Niewodowski

Fascinating work inspired by cells, like a microscopical view of a feeling.
Via Design for Mankind.

Marina Abramovic: THE KITCHEN

Really intriguing quote of St. Therese about not being able to eat when hungry because of levitation taking over her body.

I can't help thinking somebody might see some " divine bootcamp" in this whole idea...
Nonetheless, bowing before the great dame of performance and her plasticity and intensity and, why not, sense of humour, in a way.

Jennifer Aniston at the MoPA

Jennifer Aniston admiring the prize winning portrait of her at the first MoPA award winners' exhibition.

Thanks, Edu.

Amandine Pierne

Last Friday I went to Swab and one I found out about Amadine's work. I was in awe. Her ideas are simple, based on daily objects, but she reconstructs them in a new way.

Imges: marker-painted kitchen roll, puzzle hoops, classified conffetti, beaded sleeping bag.

The good, the good and the ugly: the plain ugly and nasty

You might have noticed I've been putting this post off badly. It just makes me so sad to be writing this. Last weekend there was a party in my neighbourghood. All the sellers had their stuff out in the streets, it was lovely. Mr. M. and I were strolling about when he just went: Have you seen those?! And there they were: my bags, the bags that I have been seeing in different versions sprounting all over the place. I've now gone from "it must be coincidence" to "I want their heads". These bags are such a blatant copy that I can't help but feeling badly hurt. Worst thing is, they are from a very small young Italian company (or so the girl in the shop said). We can't seem to find them, but I think I will prosecute them. Shame on them for taking the stuff ofa student off the net and selling it down her road. They charge pretty much the same I charge for an original for bad industrially produced ones. They must feel proud and creative.
Sorry about the rant. I knew it was not going to be nice.

The Good, the Good and the Ugly: the good - Cori Mercade

So, good post number two: Cori Mercade.

Guess what, yes, I met her too.
Cori is an artist that paints conceptually. Now, that is not easy because as she says, "I cannot be labelled in galleries". I find that massively stupid of the gallerists because her work is gorgerous and sometimes dark, sometimes calming, but always passionate.
She explains that her labor as an artist is very much about education as well, and she set up an amazing conceptual art school for children with a friend in a coast village close to Barcelona. The work they do is about the process, not the results and there's no right or wrong. Parents quickly adapt. They teach adults, as well, and they even have a summer camp where children make movies. Isn't that just fantastic?

The Good, the Good and the Ugly: the good - Denys Blaker

Hi everyone.
I've been super busy this weekend and I must say it's been a fabulous collection of days.
So I've got three posts to explain these to you: the good, the good and the ugly (why can't anyone have two days in peace?).

Well, good post number one is about Denys Blacker.
Denys trained as a sculptor and slowly started introducing her body in her work (this even happened literally), developing into a performance artist.
She was performing in Barcelona this weekend and I had the pleasure of being introduced to her. She was showing her heart/mind sculptures, a series of ceramic objects to be used to project goodwill and healing to other people and oneself. It was very poetical.
She also organizes a performance festival in her village every year, where everyone takes part.
Impressive, huh?

Ana Kras' Bonbons

Delicious and sensitive.

Find out more here.
Via the fab seesaw blog.

Thanks Einat!

Einat, from Israel has a lovely blog called DesignBreak and has included my Hair portraits in it. Thanks and keep up the hard work!

Coolest Maths Teacher

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