Merry Christmas!

Well, well, well, it's Christmas again and I kind of just got into the whole festive thing. I've been a terrible blogger this month, and I plan on being even worse over the holidays. Why? I need to design, write and make a 24 page book on Design for school (must include a CD with all notes taken in class amongst other stipulations, like using 3 languages. It's all rather random).I'm still wondering why.

Have a super fabulous Christmas and I'll hopefully see you around here soon :)

PS: Some fun sites for quieter festive times:

Beehive yourself!

New painting. The theacher's feedback was "try drawing the outline of the figure better, not more realistic, just better". Go figure.

I cant' paint... 2

This is one of my new attempts to experiment with the physicality of paint. I've been scratching it (sgraffito is the technical name when you do it properly, but I only learned that later). I've also been working on a transparent base so that you can see what's behind (or even turn the pic around to see the "inside" layers of paint).

We'll see where all this leads to!

House on Fire

Now, now, now, I've been blah-in about "when I lived in Swaziland" this and that but I'm extremely proud to say that the best club ever (and gallery) has a brand new website!

I just couldn't describe the lively, magic sculptures you can find there, but finally! They are online :)
This is House on Fire.

Walking stick by D Wilcox

The man is a genius. I love them madly!


Really lovely proposal, idea, development and success story!

I can't paint...

... but I can try

See more here.

Google goggle

Waited all my life for this...

Now, I'm only missing a search machine to which you can sing and it comes up with the song you are looking for...

Holiday ideas: hive

Wonderfully addictive. Get one for these holidays and you'll be busy! Get to get your brain cells going, too :)

Casa Asia

Mr M and I have had a hyper cultural Saturday.
We've started at Casa Asia (which is what I really want to tell you about) and then gone to almost every gallery and exhibition available in Barcelona at the moment.
But the thing, Casa Asia is located at the Palau del Baró de Quadras by Josep Puig i Cadafalch.
Now, the place is AMAZING. Totally mind-blowing. It was like a garden turned into a building. The walls still had murals of trees and flowers. The stone was all carved into floral motives. Doors had huge metal panels with relieves on them. Even the little window handles had flowers on them!
Plus, there was an exhibition on Art and Aids, mostly from Thai artists. That was quite interesting to see in order to compare culural view points. Nevermind the first-floor exhibition of Asian textiles (the display was tremendously poor).
If you are ever in Barcelona, do not miss the building (entrance is free)

Holiday ideas: furoshiki

Here's how to wrap your Holiday gifts a la Japonaise, with square cloth: Furoshiki.

The cloth can be reused and washed forever. The possibilities are endless!

Kusmi tea

They are posh, beautiful... and actually damn good. Annoyingly so, actually. Don't get me started on the tins... and the color combinations....

Just ignore the price tag.

The Wave

Well, I'm in. Let's see what the future is like.

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