Markus Georg

Really interesting, and funny (and a bit like "I wonder what this person's inner world must be like"). See more here.
Top pic, recreated landscapes. Worth seeing.

Mad Men

I could say I don't watch Mad Men, but that I look at Mad Men. The plots may be subtle and charged, but the colors, the fashion, the furniture!

I've selected a few palettes (a la kirs's color stripes, who masters this) for total enjoyment of the Mad Men style.

(PS: Joan (top pic) is such a fabulous celebration of the female figure, it should deserve a chapter exclusively at her wardrobe)

Hats and horsemen

Mr. M and I visited London and boy, was it eventful!

We visited the Hats Anthology at the V&A. If they don't know what to do wiht all those beaotiful extraordinary pieces by the end of the exhibition, I'll gladly volunteer for most of them (not the feathery of furry ones, though).

And then we saw Death and the King's Horseman by Wole Soyinka at the National Theatre and it was SO beautifully stefed and designed, and I mean SO SO beautiful, I kind of didn't start listening to what they were actually saying until 10 mins into the play. (pic. of the controversial "color-blind" casting. All actors were balck, and the ones playing the colonial officers had "white" make-up on).

Wolf and pig

I'd like tyo know how many pics in total it took to make this little marvel....

Via Cuarto derecha.

David Wiseman

This to me shows a perfect balance between design craft and art. Stunning.

LED sheep

If it's really done by sewing LEDs to the sheeps' wool, it's amazing!


Sprouting is like magic...
You just need to soak some beans for 24hrs, remove the water and then rinse about twice a day.
Mine are pretty much ready, but I feel bad to eat them after nursing them :(

Nerd Bunny Ring by Apple Tree

I think it's hilarious!

By Apple Tree (designers of the fab Honeycomb Bangle, below. I'll have two of those, thanks).

(Found in this great jewellery shop with loads of styles and prices).


Minimalistic-cute is back!

See more here.

What to do with a tie

I love ties, but I haven't got that many shirts right now. So this is a rather extravagant alternative. Mind you, it received plenty of compliments from strangers.

Watch this space

creative juices flowing....

Norwegian Wood

I think these harnesses by Norwegian Wood rock. What do you think?

Jessica Calderwood

Ms. Mother tipped me this work. Oh my world! It's so great! Funky contemporary enamel is not seen everyday.

Golden pretty things

Oh Etsy, place of temptation!
Click on the picture to be redirected to their shops.

I don't know even if I would wear it, but I kind of would feel really hurt if anyone else bought this. My idea? Rip the crocodile off it and wear it as an uber dramatic necklace.

I would need 8 of these buttons for the trousers I am thinking of, and they don't exist. Do I have any other excuse?

Do I NEED this brooch?

This one I couldn't resist, and had to have. Can't wait to get it through the door!

Pearl Sunglasses

Coolest sunglasses ever, limited edition by Sonia Rykel. Sadly they're $950. I am sooooo gonna DIY this. Oh yes.

"Chef Marshall Easter Egg"

Here's how to name aproduct so that you can avoid lawsuits. Not vegan, but so much fun!
See here.


As nerdy as it may sound, I really like this. It seems to be just a well-thought and designed strechy band. There are different models (its not an uber intelligent one)

Find it here.

Via yatzer.

R.E.A.C.H. : Animal Testing Laws

Right now it is illegal in the UK to test on animals for the cosmetic industry. But there's a new European legislation that's about to be installed that will make it compulsory to use tested ingredients. How ridiculous is that?
I am totally fuming. No cruelty-free products in the whole of Europe? Where is my consumer right to choose what I want to consume, then? Plus, some companies will have to flee to outside Europe(as a last resort, since they won't test no matter what). This will also mean lots of people loosing jobs at a very bad time. And unecological shipping of what used to be locally-made goods.
See more here.
Should we get our minds and asses going for this one?
PS: This is not a gruesome video. It's a cute video of guinea pigs. They are used under such experiments. They are force-fed lipstick, and choke to death.

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