R.E.A.C.H. : Animal Testing Laws

Right now it is illegal in the UK to test on animals for the cosmetic industry. But there's a new European legislation that's about to be installed that will make it compulsory to use tested ingredients. How ridiculous is that?
I am totally fuming. No cruelty-free products in the whole of Europe? Where is my consumer right to choose what I want to consume, then? Plus, some companies will have to flee to outside Europe(as a last resort, since they won't test no matter what). This will also mean lots of people loosing jobs at a very bad time. And unecological shipping of what used to be locally-made goods.
See more here.
Should we get our minds and asses going for this one?
PS: This is not a gruesome video. It's a cute video of guinea pigs. They are used under such experiments. They are force-fed lipstick, and choke to death.

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