What Kjoo creates is so unique (although a few have been very much "inspired" since she opened her Etsy store), it just reveals a very personal inner world. She creates this "shambolic" shapes and textures and the result is mesmering.


Go here and download it now if you haven´t yet.

All the music of the world (approximately), for free, legal.

Downsides? You don´t own the music (it´s not on your computer, so it cannot be burnt or put unto your Ipod), and there´s an ad every half hour.

I can definitely live with this.

Christian the Lion

I heard this story on the radio, and they said it was on Youtube.

Anyone out there still caliming that animals can´t feel?

The lion is SMILING.




Yeah! We´ve got internet (only 5 months late!)
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Michael Sowa

The artist behind Amelie's fantastic animal pictures.
No official website, I am afraid. Prints available from Amazon (Is there anything you can't get from amazon?).

Sterling Hundley

It's like if Klimt was born in the iPod generation. Still in awe. See more here.

Chanel's Paper Flowers

So delicate and bold and marvellous!

DIY kit, anyone?

Hyungkoo Lee

Ever wondered how Bugs Bunny or Tweety looked like on the inside? Artist Hyungkoo Lee has. Exhibiting at Mythologies in London.

The Shop house

So pretty!

See their etsy shop here.

Long absence, but then...!

It's been a while, but look! There's more in the shop! (it makes me so happy to finish a piece and put it up!)

Leggy (first collage ever)

Alternative Job Centre

Put up a post with your ideal job, and who knows, an employer might fancy it and take you in.
A wonderful, hope-inspiring idea from The School of Life.

Sara Fanelli

Sara Fanelli, illustrator of all things cute and smart, author of Sometimes I think, Sometimes I am.

Regina Jose Galindo

Mr. M. and I checked out what's up in the Museum of Modern Art and again... umph!

The performance work of Regina Jose Galindo is not easy. It is actually rather brutal. She mostly works by inflicting on her own body the treatment others receive in war, punishment, prison, etc. She also has more social issues based projects, such as one where she is drawn with all the lines charactheristic of cosmetic surgergy.

Jenny Saville

Young British Artist. Haunting.

Reader glasses

I know it's wrong. I know that if you don't need glasses, it's practically insulting to wear fake ones. But I really want some (especially the first ones, possibly in black). Like in Everything is Illuminated, but with lipstick.

Shown models from Urban Outfitters.

Design for Mankind

I won an issue (by courtesy of Erin). I read it. I love it. You can get it here.


Doshi Levien

"My beautiful backside" sofa.

Different, daring, colorful and multicultural. Lusting all over it (I could do just with the cushions, really, The thin long one, the "oval" ones... they are stunning).
By Doshi Levien (who keep on getting it very, very right).

The purse that speaks the truth

Buy it here.

Rotozaza's Etiquette

ROTOZAZA'S ETIQUETTE on Bloomberg 'Muse' News from rotozaza on Vimeo.

Mr. M. and I went to play (and see?) this experimental piece. It takes place in the middle of a crowded cafe. You get a set of headphones, he gets one too. You have a series of props. An audio (different for the two of us) indicated what to say and do. It was a very weird feeling talking to him without knowing what he was going to reply (Or being told what to tell him, for that matter). Beautifully put together.

Thanks, Elise

I loved seeing this.

Yeah! for Etsy

The secret is out...
I've written an article for The Storque!
I'm over the moon!

Chuck Close

Another portrait artist that makes me shiver. You can read some more on him here. How can his pixelated effect be so mesmerizing when the pixels are nothing but random blobs of random colors? Ah...

Christian Faur


Atypyk is a controversial French design company. They usualy play with little daily rutines (a bottle-shaped pastry roller) or challenging our perception of the world (see pics). Interesting to see (I like the twin -Eiffel- tower postcard).

I'm back

Oh, dear internet. I cannot believe I've finally made 10 minutes to log in. It's been pure madness lately.
In the meanwhile, Cloudery has posted Katherina in her super-cool blog, M V S E V M. Thanks so much!

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