The happy everafter

Very intriguing

Visually creepy.
Project for Sony in the Royal College of Art (London). See more here.

It felt like a kiss

This makes you wonder if there's any border between documteries and art. Hard to watch but worth it. It has been shown together with a performance-like experience in the Manchester International festival and is going to London too. Watch it now because it will not be up in the web for much longer!

More geeky stuff

I do not know what's up with my inner geek, but this clock is fabulous!

Holidays notice

Dear everyone, due to the moving and not actually having my stuff with me for a while, I will be closing the shops (not the blog) from the 28th for most of August. I will still be able to be contacted but if you were planning on needing anything during that period, please let me know asap so that I can make arrangements for that to happen :) Thanks!

Kinda not here

Oh dear.
I am packing. Have I ever mentioned I do NOT like to pack whole flats?
Everything within my eyesight needs to be boxed or given away or thrown away.
What do you do with usable paper? And sewing needles? And glues?
Enough procrastination. The boxes are calling me.

Am I alright?

I am actually enjoying this. I must confess I have actually pretty much read the whole book in a day. Oops. Is this OK?

Digital ruler

Oh, it made my nerdy heart skip a beat.

Banksy vs. Bristol

I've been sight-seeing the UK with Mr. M.'s family and one of the highlights has been the Banksy exhibition.

Now, I liked what I had seen by him, but what I experienced in Bristol completely blew me away. The sense of humour is sharp and merciless, and sometimes creepy and depressing. I also had the feeling that anyone trying to work on overtly political art will find themselves thinking "Banksy already did that", because there was SO much and SO different to be seen in the show.

I also particularly enjoyed the way the exhibition was organized. It was almost a hide and seek game, watching out between the permanet collection to spot Banksy's hidden pieces.
If you can, go. The hours of waiting were completely worth it.


I've been keeping a secret.
I know, it looks like I keep lots of them.
But it's not true.
I am just really afraid of jinxing things by just taking them for granted before they actually happen.
So here it is:
Next September I am now officially gonna be a Fine Art Student in Barcelona.
I am so happy I could chicken-dance to eternity :)


Can I have one, please?

By the awesome, awesome, awesome Campana Brothers.
Via Dezeen too.

Tantalus Dinner by Ioli Sifakaki

RCA graduates are back at it again...

Bizarre and interesting project by Ioli Sifakaki, inspired by the Tantalus myth.

Via Dezeen.

Sticks and stones

I've seen these beautiful rings (the contrast, the texture!) by thegildedlilystore in Etsy today and they've made me think of my favourite ring, which just broke today (I can fix it, though).

Does anyone else get an awkward feeling when a piece of jewellery breaks (like when necklaces burst or charms fall off bracelets), like you need to read what it means?


20 dollars of each sale go to either WWF or PETA.
See more and collaborate here.
Spread the love.


Read Jo's story and take her home here.

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