Kundalini yoga

Around Christmas I decided that Belly Dancing was OK, but that I was missing yoga (I used to do Ashtanga). So I got myslef some random Pilates DVD and, overwhelemd by the variety in Amazon, I got the most voted Yoga DVD. It so happened to be a Kundalini Yoga DVD by Maya Fiennes.

The first time Mr. M. and I tried it, we just looked at each other and couldn't stop grinning. It was SO GOOD. May I repeat thet? SO SO GOOD. It just felt too good to describe (I could try, but all kind of cheesy things would come out, and I've got a reputation to keep).

All I'll say is try it. Please. It's ... (again, we'll avoid all the "life-changing"-like expressions, but, you know).

Since then I've tried a few of the US Amazon most voted Kundalini DVDs by Ravi Singh & Ana Brett and I still find myslef going back to Maya's, again and again.

What did you think? 

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