I was just passing by...

.. and thought I'd say hi.
It's been a great, mad week.
It's been Mr M.'s and mine birthdays (I love that we were born 24hrs appart!), and we've had our families in out teeny tiny flat for lunch today. Proper awesome, and grown up!
Also, I am LOOOOOVING my painting lessons, more than anything. Iwould have never guessed that would be my favourite subject, but hey, such is life. It's mostly down to our teacher, who has a very particular teaching system. His color theory is just mind-blowing. I swear I can now see colors i did not see before. Imagine that.
I have tons I want to post, so fear not, I'll be more constant than this past days :)

PS: Need to prepare a lunch for 10 people, including your other half's family?
Veganomicom IS the book.

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