Ok. I don't know if you remember, but I had a slight "Oh dear, tumblring is the new blogging" which almost immediately turned into "Posterous is the new tumblr". None of those two went too far (including a late attempt to write fiction in tumbr).
Well. This is the new thing: Pinterest is the new tumblr. As in, Pinterest is rather amazing, clearly visual, with tons of interesting but selected people and very, very intuitive. To me, it's a much better Tumblr.
It's as easy as you just pin an image on your wall. It's one of those rituals translated from real life to virtual life that really, really works.
So, I'm really pleased to say I'm in.

What did you think? 

2 Responses

  1. gravatar Ben says:

    Wow thanks for the post! I HAVE to see how your master's thesis on hair in art develops. Btw - one of my absolute favorite pinners is from Madrid:

    Thanks so much for trying out Pinterest. Ping me anytime if you have questions. ben (at)

  2. gravatar madelscape says:

    Hello, I'm Elena Delgado aka Madelscape, absolutely proud of Ben's mention, but I only would like to make an observation, I live in Barcelona ​​not in Madrid, thanks!

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