What to expect when you are expecting...

... your ikea furniture to be delivered.

I thought I was done with the waiting... but NO! I now need to wait for my stuff to be delivered and for IKEA to receive some stuff they didn't have yesterday. But seems like we'll be able to have a lovely weekend sorrounded by screws and instruction sheets! (no irony here, I am looking forward to it!).

The Flat is now painted (The "hall", a.k.a. the corridor in front of the main door was blood-red and Mr. M's studio was the same color too; we've left the kitchen and the 2nd corridor "bloody") and full, VERY FULL of tings that need shelves and cases and palces to be put on.

In the meanwhile, I'm trying to guess when does my course start (do not compare Britsh organizational skills with Spanish ones), and trying to get a phone/internet line to get Etsy going again. Oh, and playing a lot of Uno and Ingenious (this last one is seriously addictive).

PS: I am HOPEFULLY reopening the shop this weekend. I seriously cannot wait. I'm planning to have some offers to celebrate that's now a year old! So if you were left wondering about the bags or the hair portraits a while ago, now it's the time!

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