Busy, busy, busy!

I had to study a chair (Graphical Analysis and Geometrical Reproduction), I had to design, write and make a small book on design (Design I), and now I have to create a free-themed sculpture (Sculpture I). So what did I choose to do? Something easy? No! I have decided to cross-stitch a whole Barbie doll (it's meant to be a comment on what being a female is like, I was thinking of calling it " Man, I feel like a woman!", but we'll see). Bear with me, it's due on Tuesday (legs and arms to go, head about to be finished).

PS: Thanks to the fabulous "The Science of Design" for posting my work!

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  1. gravatar SKC says:

    hey, I stumbled upon your blog by accident and you have very pretty things :] I'm following you now! I have a vegan recipe, etc. blog on this site:


    see you around (virtually).

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