Bristish Sculptors' drawings

Today Mr. M. and i went to this British Museum show: British Sculptors' Drawings. And well, it was pretty uneven all the way through. Some of them just draw on 2D but thought and visualized in 3D, so you'd have studies for a piece. And others just liked drawing and printing and treated it as just another side of their art. For the first ones there was no visual reference of what their sculptures looked like (so you could see the process of their work), and the other ones were very different to each other, which meant you went from Oh, I like that to What? quite spasmically.

Oh well. Here's a selection, mostly from the type that liked drawing just because. And what's more, I've searched an sculpture of these so that both you and i know what they were (or are) best known for.

Bill Woodrow (above)

Cornelia Parker (above, detail)

Ana Maria Pacheco (above)

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