People of the blogosphere, I've just returned from a day trip to Barcelona and I've been to see an exhibition about Ukiyo-e (pictures of the floating world), Japanese woodblock prints that depict their contemporary culture (17th to 19th-ish centuries). It was divided into different sections: theatre still-lives; sumo ones; female beauty; erotic and lanscape.
It has been so beautiful, inspiring and awe-provoking. Absolutely outstanding. We've also been lucky enough to catch a free guide around the show with the most expert young lady. She made us understand how connected the circumstances of the artists were with the political power regenting Japan at the times. (on a funny note, the very explicit erotic prints were forbidden -altought they still circulated- not because of what was shown but because of the couples depicted being from different social casts).

The delicacy and peculiar aesthetics (for an occidental art composition mind set) were totally bewildering.

It's made me confirm I might want to study Art History next.

What did you think? 

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