African textures

A peek into some pieces that can be seen in the British Museum section on Africa. The BM is so, so big it doesn't matter how many times you go by: there's always a new room to see, or an object you hadn't seen before.

So here's some images of textures, patterns and materials.

Carved wooden door from Nigeria, 20th century:

Brass head, Nigeria, 16th century
Wooden mask from Congo, 19th century

Swordfish mask, Nigeria, 20th century

Cowrie shells elephant mask from Cameroon, 20th century

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What did you think? 

5 Responses

  1. gravatar kim* says:

    very interesting items there. i feel like ijust went to a museum :)

  2. gravatar MGU says:

    I hope that's a good thing! :)

  3. The Nigerian brass head is amazing!

  4. gravatar Arts says:

    Wonderful artistic work, I really loved it....

    African Arts

  5. I really like the colors of the swordfish mask. We have a multi-cultural aesthetic in our family room (just like our family) and have many pieces of art from Ghana. The craftsmanship and detail is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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