Been out to see Wall-e...

I had been told by all my reliable acquitenances that it was the best movie ever. I was expecting an 11 out of 10.

I've loved certain details (the Windows sound Wall-e makes, the collection of objects, the credits at the end, the silence); but the second half might have a too evident message. Disney always shows through. So a 9,5 out of 10. Because as far as animation is concerned, it's impecable. The music is unexpected and works brillantly.

And I've seen the trailer for Bolt. Beware people, because the hamster (Rhino) is gonna take the world by storm!

What did you think? 

2 Responses

  1. gravatar schauzeri says:

    hi, love Rhino!!! I am on the process of creating a Fan-Club (you can already become his fan on Facebook!!). And loved Wall-e!!
    By the way, I also share your half sadness, half excitement about Autumn...
    You know what? I am also going to London on Thursday!! Maybe we can meet for coffee (or tea, I get the feeling you are a tea-drinker) sometime and get to know each other better, talk about art, life...
    Keep bloging!


  2. gravatar mgu says:

    Dear people,
    this harrassing note is not the standard expected from any readers out there: this is my boyfriend in disguise. Thanks :)

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