Orla Kiely, ladies and gentlemen

Irish Designer Orla Kiely needs no introduction. Now the ever so talented lady has her own furniture and home complements collection.
Heals in London is currently exhibiting most of it in its windows, and has this super cute flags alternating with their own!

As exciting as it is all together, i have to say it's slightly overwhelming. The piece that took my heart was the retro sofa in bright orange. Discreet but colorful and with character.

She also has purely white bed sheets with her typical leaves motif in relief, very much desirable too.

What did you think? 

3 Responses

  1. gravatar dapper says:

    it's a beautiful concept, i can imagine my home filled with her furniture. Now if only shipping is not so expensive! :P

  2. Oh! she is one of my all time favorites:) I want that flag!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog. We did a similar exercise in my dramatic arts college. It is quite fun!

  3. i love her work

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