Ahh... Donna

Donna, Donna, Donna (Wilson)

She's the one that made us love eerie and wacky knitted creatures. And now she is designing furniture and sexy blankets and cushions...

What did you think? 

3 Responses

  1. gravatar Kate says:

    You're posting so fast, I'm panting to keep up!

    First off, a huge CONGRATULATIONS for the featured artist article. How did that come about, may I ask?

    I just heard about the Geneva experiment on television this morning, and it gave me pause. I watch too many sci-fi movies to not be worried.

    Good luck getting settled in to your new digs. Looking forward to seeing your new pictures.


  2. Thanks for introduing me to the wonder of Donna Wilson-what a fascinating designer.

  3. those dolls are so awesome!!

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