I'm becoming middle-aged...

... I want to buy plates. I've spent all my childhood amused at my mum's and grandma's obseesion for plates, table-cloths, glasses. Since I've been living with Mr. M in London (sharing with a bunch of ... people); this urge has taken me over too. And now that we are moving ALONE (hold on, let me just say that again, just to make it clear, ALONE) the need for plates is overwhelming. And it doesn't stop with the plates, no. I want cushions, cups, throws, rugs, even place mats! So this blog is going to suffer from "I don't have my house yet, and have no money, but if I did, I'd buy this" symptom.

Let me then share a few things with you...

PS: Ikea UK is having a competition: guess how much all the new products are and win (win what? They don't say).

(blue patterned Lila plate by Habitat, Illustrated pillows by Nate Williams for Urban Outfitters (they now ship to the UK!), Oval/rectangular Plocka plate by Ikea, Bunny in disguise cup by Elloh, conjoined couple in a pillow by shellyklein)

What did you think? 

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  1. gravatar Pretty Fun says:

    I used to think my mom was crazy because she had so many sets of dishes. But now that I look in m own cupboards, I have three different sets! And it's just me and my husband.

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