My love does cost a thing

J. Lo's didn't, but mine does. My love is a coat from Hoss Intropia. They cost almost 400 euros, but boy do i want one (not that I can afford it). If you don't know Hoss, their website is not the best place to check out the magnificent patterns, details, textures. Go to a shop if you can (in big Spanish cities, London and somewhere in France). They are pieces to drool over.

London and Central St. martins have done something very wrong to me: I go past 95% of H&M thinking "cheap pattern", or "cheap material"; ans so on. So by now I've got the taste and eye for quality of an upper-town londoner, and the money of a girl from a little boring Spanish village.


What did you think? 

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  1. gravatar coconutlove says:


    I am flipping in colours mylady!

    que bien que al final tengas un blog. lo que no me puedo crrer es que hoy nos hayamos cruzado en el aire. acabo de llegar de glasgow a madrid via londre. y tu hoy te vas a londres.
    que haces este año? mudanza a oxford?

    pasalo bien.
    muchos besos

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