It's been a lovely, busy and exciting weekend. I've been at the designersblock exhibition and party (that is extremely unusual in me, I get sleepy very easily); and what's more... I'VE HAD MY FIRTS SALES IN ETSY!!!! I'm extremely thrilled and happy and thankful.

But let me show you more about this design week:

Circa is an event running together with Tent. It is considered the biggest exhibition of mod furniture. It was thoroughly enjoyable, but it's not where you go to get you bargains (that's Oxford, remember?). I almost bought a teak bowl (scandinavian looking). So simple and smooth! But at 30 pounds (60 dollars) it wasn't an absolute bargain (although Liberty of London sells wooden bowls for 260 pounds right now). So here are a few pics for you to get the vibe.
The enamel bowls are krenit bowls. They can fetch interesting prices in galleries (300 dollars the smallest), but you can find them much more affordable on ebay. They were my first vintage love.

I do have something about display bells. And I loved the artist wooden hand in this one.

PS: Isn't that red chair adorable beyond belief? I never found out who was it by or how much was it... Anyone knows it?
CORRECTION: designed by Jeremy Harvey in 1978

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