I shall correct something...

I had a post a few days ago, "I´m becoming middle aged" where I mentioned how i wanted the Lila bowls in habitat and some plates from Ikea. Well, I take it all back.
The Lila collection is made out of fine bone china which is actually made out of bones. So, as pretty as it is, I do not covet it any more. It is unnecessary cruelty.
And the Ikea name I gave you was not the right one, and probably the picture wasn´t the right one either. My favourite Ikea plates are Epistel, although the Plocka ones actually could get to match them.
Shame about the bone china thing...

What did you think? 

One Response

  1. I don't know how my brain missed the connection od bone china actually being made of bones! I am certainly less enchanted with a few pieces myself now.

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