Passive aggressive

I still can't get over I won't be seeing my old housemates anymore. The happines is overwhelming. I've stumbled over this website, and it has helped me rejoice even more (picture from the site). I would have a large collection of passive aggressive notes by myself by now, but they nicely explained that in THEIR country, the UK, note-writers are looked down upon and they would not tolerate them. I had to tolerate their stealing and messing, though. Well, no more moaning! It's over! If you feel like more passive-agression, or just feel like remembering your sharing times, I lick my cheese might put a smile on your face too.

What did you think? 

2 Responses

  1. This would have been quite useful in my college days, but I don't think my roommate would have been too thrilled! :)

  2. gravatar Kate says:

    Enjoy your freedom from passive aggression. :-)


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