It's about time... BLOG GIVEAWAY!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.

It is ON.

It is only fair that if I've been so very lucky this week (Design*Sponge, Modish, my first various sales, blog look updates, etc.) I pass on some luck.

So, I am having my very first giveaway.

  • How does it go?

Visit my store; come back here and comment under this post: say what would you NOT like from my store and why. Make sure I've got a way to find you back (either by signing with your blogger ID, or by leaving the name of your etsy shop or by visiting daily so that you'll know if you've won. I would not recommend publishing your personal info, just in case). The result will be published on Saturday 1st of Nov (given that there's at least 50 comments).

  • What do you get?

Well, you can get any print from my shop. We could even arrange for you to have printed any of the black and white drawings available as originals at the moment of the announcement.

PS: Come on, be nice, answer the poll on the left <= Sholud I change the blog's name to No Side Up? There are quite a lot named Home is where the heart is...!

What did you think? 

38 Responses

  1. I would not like the pattern all wrapped up. I like the bigger faces and more close up looking prints instead. They are all great though!!!!

  2. gravatar getpalmd says:

    Jessica HATED playing hide and seek with her sister

    It's seriously scary!!


    This is the sister one too....too creepy for me. It reminds me of the two sisters that are conjoined just like that.

  4. gravatar shiborigirl says:

    Well, Sheesh... Quite the challenge since I like nearly everything in your shop! Your ink drawings are crazy good (I especially like "You, Get me out of Here").

    Since I have to find something negative to say in order to play the game, I think something I would not want from your shop is "Oh, wow, look at you now...". I think it needs more than color changes and handwriting. But, that's me nitpicking.


    Hey! I just realized the Espanol is now English on your comments page. How'd you do that?

  5. gravatar Jamie says:

    personally, i like the black and white pieces you do and wouldn't buy the colored ones. i think it's just personal preference though!


  6. gravatar Alicia says:

    I would really like the 'oh, wow, look at you now' canvas, EXCEPT, it's too small! It's not big enough to properly display! Haha. For real.

  7. gravatar w says:

    jessica and her sister.

    because jessica keeps staring at me. and so does her sister.

  8. gravatar Brandon says:

    I checked out your shop, its all so cool. If I had to pick one that I didn't like it would be Jessica HATED playing hide and seek with her sister,because my boys wouldn't like a picture on the wall of a girl, not even one w/ two heads. (they are at that ucky girls stage)


  9. gravatar zecetrends says:

    I wouldn't like to see less than 17 items for sale :D Too much talent!

  10. gravatar missknits says:

    first off answered the poll! interested to see what you do! :)

    but having to choose something i wouldnt buy or dont like? ack! that was hard to do! i guess though i would have to pick this because although i like the idea behind what you were trying to do, i just felt like well there needs to be more than just simple handwriting. ack i hate even saying that. i mean thats just my thoughts! but i loved your artwork!

  11. gravatar ~Kat's Life~ says:

    THis is hard Your art is beautiful! I guess if i had to pick something i did not like it would be....
    Nothing I can't chose!! Your talented!!!

  12. gravatar Jess says:

    Wow, fantastic giveaway! I don't really like "Argh..." too much just because I think you can add way more to it. :)

    jess^^^4002 [at] gmail [dot] com
    (without the ^^^)

  13. Hmm. If i had to pick a piece i didn't like(im forcing myself to do this as all the pieces are really nicely drawn!), it'll probably be

    I guess it's probably you drew her so well that i feel so much pain seeing her squashed like that! Great pieces! Keep drawing yea!


  14. gravatar JAN says:

    all your art is amazing but the one i WOULDNT like is Home is where the heart is PRINT (why simply because it is a print ) and i much prefer to collect original art

    artbyjan(at) googlemail(dot)com

  15. gravatar Cabootique says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  16. gravatar Cabootique says:

    Argh, what a hard question...but I would not like Love is where the heart is (I) PRINT. Mostly because I love the people you draw and prefer those.


  17. I think all of your work is lovely! =)

    I like your black & white illustrations more than the ones with color.


  18. gravatar Marigold says:

    I take no small amount of moral umbrage at your "she was high-maintenance" illustration, due primarily to its uncanny resemblence to my least favorite aunt. (She is, as fate would have it, extremely high maintenance. For your sake I hope you don't know her.)


  19. gravatar crystal says:

    Well that was hard and a little unpleasant:)
    I guess i will say that i dont like A Pattern All Wrapped Up...because the head got cut off:)

  20. gravatar blueviolet says:

    I wouldn't buy the Oh, wow, look at you now... canvas because there's nothing that makes it really stand out to me as different. I think it could be done by anyone and so it doesn't have that little extra that would make me get it. Your sketches on the other hand are really great. You've got talent!

  21. gravatar Reeva says:

    i wouldnt like home is wher ethe heart is.. mainly because you see that all the time and i like unique items :)

  22. gravatar Jen says:

    I wouldn't buy 'you, get me out of here' because it is a little too funky for me. Thanks!
    -10oneworld on etsy

  23. gravatar MEA says:

    I would not like "Argh" because it freaks me out. Where is that person's body? Is she just a head in a hand?

  24. I love all the black and white ink drawings most, so I would not buy Love Is Where the Heart Is. The colored plaid is just not my style.

  25. Definetly jessica with her sister.. my its spooky lol!!

    I do love so many of your prints though. Great shop!!!

    on etsy.. bearlytimetoscrap

  26. gravatar Ratlion says:

    Hmmmm. Well, I would have to say your colour pieces, as when compared to your absolutely brilliant black and white sketches/drawings, they simply fail to make the mark.

    Having said that, I love 'Buns & Combs'!


  27. gravatar Michelle says:

    I don't really like this one, it's too creepy for me! Here is my Etsy shop where you can convo me:

  28. gravatar Meka says:

    It was hard to pick one that I didn't like or at least appreciate the artistry... But I guess the one I want to take home the least is "Argh..." It kinda makes me feel like, "What, what? I didn't do anything. Why you yellin' at me?" ... i voted-- please change the name of the blog to noised up. Maybe you can use "home is where the heart is" as a tagline or sumthin.

  29. gravatar alice says:

    I don't like the fact that you don't have the "You, get me out of here" available in digital print. I'm poor and can't afford the original piece!

    please,please,please,pretty pleaaaase!

  30. gravatar Funky Finds says:

    What a hard question! Buns & Combs isn't an illustration I'd necessarily want. Buns kind of creep me out in general.

    info at funkyfinds dot us

  31. gravatar Hui shan says:

    My fave is "You make me happy when skies are grey..."! Such a nice & colorful drawing! I especially love the quote that is used in it.. I love all things bright & beautiful too!

    Hmm. But if i had to choose what i didn't like, it'll probably be "She couldn't help thinking her best friend had a bit of a moustache"..Im scared by the creature!! Can't explain why though..

    I must say you're really talented & you draw beautifully.. keep drawing!!

    Hui Shan

  32. gravatar Webgrrl74 says:

    Wow...gorgeous stuff!

    I would say that my least favourite is Home is Where the Heart Is...only because it's too folk-artish for my taste.

    The other stuff I adore. My fave has got to be She Couldn't Help Thinking Her Friend Had a Bit of a Mustache. hahahahaha. Brilliant!!!

  33. gravatar Rachel says:

    if i have to pick...oh wow look at you now. only because if i visit your store to shop, that wouldn't be a piece i would be looking for. it's very unlike your other stuff.

    and i love Jessica and her sister!!!

  34. If I had to choose, my least favorite is Hiding. But, I DO love your work!


  35. gravatar Mel says:

    Im scared of "Argh..."! Maybe it's because she looks so scared in the piture that i can relate to the picture? One thing's for sure though: You've got a great gift for drawing! Loving your work..


  36. gravatar Capree says:

    I would not like the You make me happy when skies are grey... canvas because it's too "cute".


  37. i would not like the katherina one because it is not my style. Id like to see the front and not the back :)
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  38. gravatar Jenna says:

    I would love the "You make me happy when skies are gray" photo. You do great work...I like them all!

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