RCA secret postcard

To all the lucky ones in London: the Royal College of Art is doing its annual secret postcard show and sale. They invite students and famous artists to draw little pictures in postcards (almost 3000 of them), and exhibit them for a few days, and then bang! On sale they go, without being signed, all of them at £40. The deal is that you don't know if you are paying for a Tracy Emin's or for a noone's. I might recall the gains fund some sort of thing. Well, as far as you like the postcard you got, that's fine.

Last year as saw the show online and guessed which one was the Hirst. And I think it didn't sell in the end. I could be a millioner, but I was working on the day of the sales (isn't that sad?).

See what's all about and the online format of the show here.

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