I'm "it"

I was tagged by Shibori girl like a century ago and told her I'd think about it. It's actually very, very difficult to come up with seven random facts about oneself. So I'll stop thinking about it and I'll just do it.

1-My small fingers on each hand (specially on the right one) are too short. It's not gross, but funny.

2-I got trapped outdoors in an electric storm in Swaziland, an it was not nice.

3-Amelie (the movie) kind of changed my life (not in any dramatic way, but it felt like everything was possible creativity-wise).

4-I flew to NY and Orlando when I was ... 13? Because I won a creative writing award by Coca-cola in Spain. My Spanish language teacher and my school's director came with me, because that was part of the award. (true story)

5-I listen to one song or cd in loop mode until I get tired of it. Ask the neighbours.

6-At least two people have looked at me and gone "Oh, you remind me of a panda" in my life time. I'm worried about that.

7-Dogs jump at my lap on the street. I do not even need to call them. They know I adore them and just jump to me for some love. And boy, do I like that! (and I miss having pets BADLY)

And that's that!

I really do not know who to tag, so name yurselves tagged if you feel like it!

What did you think? 

One Response

  1. A panda huh? That's funny because I began likening strangers to animals as a child-a coping mechanism for shyness.

    I have the dog effect on children, especially babies-they always get excited when they see me, perhaps it is because I'm so short! :P

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