Edgar Brandt

I want to share a new discovery with you: Edgar Brandt. He was a French ironworker that made absolutelly stunning pieces during the Art Nouveau period. And how do I know? Well, thanks to Oxfam, really.

I do not tend to have shopping sprees (really, against any conclusions you might have drawn from this blog), except for Etsy (yep, guilty) and... cheap books. I am a disaster when it comes to holding myself back in front of a second hand book. And in England they have all this loads of charities with their respective charity shops... and Oxfam is good at opening whole bookstores.

And you get the idea of how today I ended up with a book on Art Noveau, one on stitching folk patterns from Transilvania (I am not lying) and a couple of needlework titles more (you might be seeing more of those at some point). I am such a sucker for patterns (as in 2D, not dress making patterns)...

I guess there are worse addictions...

PS: Remember the giveaway: it won't happen unless 50 people sign up. You can tell your friends to sign up and donate the print to you if they win :)

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  1. gravatar coconutlove says:


    miro y leo tus blogs a diario. soy un viciado de ti, lo sabes. he llegado a chipre y estoy hecho un lio. la isla es perfecta y todavia tengo el olor a sal sobre mi piel desde esta mañana.

    Ahora mi intento en tu concurso:

    I think that the thing i like the least from your etsy shop is the general layout: your pictures are very sophisticated and very well crafted, maybe with a different layout (or a carefully selected font, and way of displaying things) your overall style will come off much better.However, having said that, i must admit it is overall GREAT!

    (tengo una envidia cochina asquerosa, lo sabes. )
    muchos besos con sabor a aceite de oliva y haloumi... bueno, no mejor, con sabor a Alison Road, que al fin y al cabo era tan chipriota como esto.

  2. gravatar shiborigirl says:

    Oh My! I crave that gorgeous wall sconce!!! You have great taste, I think. So far, I have (mentally) drooled over most of your posts.


  3. gravatar MGU says:

    Note to coconutlove and everybody else:
    The entry must be done under the giveaway post, and if you are one of my best friends ever, you cannot enter the giveaway (althoug you can ask nicely).

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