Josue Gamonal and Vicente Porres

It looks like this week is all about damn good talents.

You've heard about Josue before (see here). He is one of my best friends and a fellow graduate from CSM. When I met Josue, I used that "if you can't beat them, join them" saying. He is exceptionally inventive, has a very personal view on the world and has accumulated all kind of arty degrees (illustration, graphic design, product design) and awards. He is now in Spain and has just been awarded the first place in the Maria Martinez design competition for Träd, a project made with Vicente Porres (sorry Vicente, I only just met you, so the gloryfication goes to Josue).

Träd is meant to be a hidding place for kids, a place where they can hide and play and develop their inner world (Josue did not need one of those, his inner world is very much developed). It also has a parent-pleasing practical side: the branches can help storing toys away, and the greenery turns into cushions. Isn't he (and Vicente) ridiculously good? Congratulations!

To see Josue's portfolio, check here. For Vicente's studio, go here.

What did you think? 

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  1. gravatar Anonymous says:

    Josue and Vicente,
    We would like to know if we can buy "Trad" in Sao Paulo Brazil.
    Our email is
    Thanks, Leticia and Adriana.

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