Failing to engage?

Since I changed the blog's name to the more personal Nosideup, it looks like the comments have gone, and so have the average visits. I am wonderign what makes you guys come by and read the stuff I post, see if there's anywhere I've failed to engage you...

So I've put up a new poll: what do you enjoy reading about the most?

And I want to remind you about the 50 people in the giveaway (there, I've made you all upset, now).

What did you think? 

2 Responses

  1. gravatar Meka says:

    Sorry to hear about the decline. I voted in your poll, but your four choices don't reflect my real answer. I actually prefer reading about the blogger him/herself. I gloss over most of the product line stuff, since I don't buy a whole lot online. But when there's an interesting topic about the blogger's life, I tend to stick around for a little longer.

  2. gravatar MGU says:

    That's interesting, Meka.
    I find the blogs I admire most have a balance: mostly informative stuff (products, exhibitions, artists, etc), but there is a sense of real person behind that, some glimpse of intimacy. I have obviously not yet found my own personality in the blogosphere, yet. But I'd love to find that balance somewhere. Nevertheless, I do aim at a blog that can help (even if just remotely) to promote different artists and makers out there, because discovering things about them makes me so happy. :)

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