Katherina, new print

Ladies and gentlemen,
I am extremely proud to present Katherina's portrait to you. She's the latest hair-do illustration available as a print from the shop. You might notice she's a bit more... "graphic" than the former ones. She's also far more vintage. It's exciting to see some evolution. Please welcome her with open arms!

Read her story (and get her) here.

What did you think? 

5 Responses

  1. Katherina is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Beautiful! I love your work! Wonderful artist. I wish I could draw like that!


  3. gravatar heidi says:

    Your work is REALLY great. So intriguing!

  4. gravatar Teresa says:

    I com sempre, molt i molt elegant

  5. gravatar Capree says:

    That's quite the beautiful coiffure!

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