Q10: Little Robot

I loved the first Q10 experience, so I'm going back for more! This time the super star is Lindsey from Little Robot. She's an artist om Glasgow with this almost Victorian style. Her work is ethereal and delicate, and sometimes even a bit eerie. She also writes the Little robot blog.

It's been so much fun to get her anwers back!

1-What makes you happy?

I love dinner with my best freind, and sitting in front of the fire and I like getting the initial idea for a piece especially if it comes easily.

2- What do you want to be when you grow up?

Reckless and daring!

3- What could you not live without?

I would find it hard to live without my eyesight. I've occassionally morbidly imagined being without my eyes, theoretically I could take up music but i'd be quite cranky for a while

4- What is your favourite object?

My prized possession is a photograph of me and my brother as little kids being tickled by my grandad.

5- What do you collect?

Books mainly, and anything natural. I also try to buy small pieces of art when I can afford it.

6- If you had to pick one artist...

Perhaps Eduard Bersudsky (see pic below)

7- What song would make up the soundtrack to your life?

Oh that's tricky...I love a bit of Led Zeppelin though...something utterly ridiculous from their back catalogue...The Lemon Song?

8- Sweet or savoury?


9- Why did the chicken cross the road?

He was compelled to by all the previous events which had taken place in the universe...in the end it was inevitable

10- One piece of advise (in Art, Blogs or life)

The best advice i've ever had is to stop thinking and just do - even if you don't like what you're producing just keep doing
Thanks to Lindsey!

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