Monkey portraits

There's this absolutely grand bookstore here in Oxford that specializes in Art and Design. Now, this is terribly dangerous, so i try to go there as little as possible. But a couple of days ago, the taxman has been really, really nice and returned a little money to me. You see where I'm going, don't you? Books are one of the only things I cannot resist, as you already know. I have to say I was very, very good; I only got the Taschen hardback edition of Women artists (really good, by the way), and this little gem. The book was found on a shelf by Mr M., and it just struck some weird cord within us immediately.

Jill Greenberg is the artist that, some years ago, was considered controversial and evil for taking portraits of crying babies (remember?). These portraits are kind of mind blowing. The animals are so obviously intelligent, feeling beings, aware of their own existence, even reflective. And they are sometimes physically puzzling, like if nature copied cartoon characters. And then there's Jill's lighting effects that make it all so "plastic". Wonderful.

What did you think? 

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  1. gravatar coconutlove says:

    on por dejar el comentario aqui.
    maria tengo pagina web. cutre y salchichera, pero solo de momento (modesto baja, que sube eduardo)

    me gustaria hacer publicidad de tu incroyable travail, y darle una subseccion (presentado de forma parecida a donde ahora pone :imagenes)

    vamos que lo que quiero es poner imagenes de tu trabajo y poner un link a tu tienda. te hace?

    de momento es una cutrada y media, pero estamos en clase mejorandola.
    se llama

    muchos besines y te mantendre informada

  2. gravatar Diane says:

    I looove Jill Greenburg's photography. Such dramatic lighting and hyper-realism.

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