This semester I'm taking Art Theory and we've started off with the sexuation of education. The professor made it very clear from the first day she was an active feminist (of the difference theory). She believes that since everything we know we learn and experience through our bodies, men and women feel, learn and live differently. I think that's a very interesting theory, maybe not so much because of the difference it declares, but because of the acknowledging of a physicality of wisdom.
Ever since I've been reading the engaging with this topic, I've felt ackward. I have felt angry at the blatant discriminations, but at the same time I've felt kind of torn when presented with "women only" activities. I've understood that females are 90 % of the student body of the faculty and that should be felt somehow. And I've wondered how often are we taught about female artists.
I don't know what I intend to say, really. I have figured out I tend to connect more deeply and more often with female creators (musicians, visual artists). It might just be that the way they put the stories is easier for me to comprehend. It might be that they say things I want to hear.
I have recently been thinking about the words we use to define all this mess. Do you know when kids are bought clothes that are a bit too big for them because they grow so fast they will eventually grow big enough for them? In Catalan and in Spanish they are called something like "growing clothes" or "growable clothes". I wonder if there's such a thing in English. Well, what if there are "growing words"? Words that are a bit too large for you right now, but that you know you will eventually get to fill up and understand completely. Words like feminism or patriarchate. I feel like an impostor using them at the moment, but that might change with time.
The one thing I'd like to put out there is, can the word feminist describe the women of my generation? Has it too much of a baggage? Too many connotations? Too worn out, maybe? Again, I might grow into the word, into its size; but then again it might be the wrong kind of cut for me altogether.
Any thoughts? Any reading recommendations?
PS: Picture via PaperTissue. Wonder where it is from...

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