At the zoo!

This is a hard one.

This semester half of my drawing lessons are going to be at the zoo.
Now, as a vegan, I feared that I'd find it hard to swallow.
But the truth is, I have not seen mistreated animals (admitedly the big felines didn't seem very lively); and it's been well, fun! and challenging, too.

You see, the last semester we had endless (a class is 3 hrs long) amounts of fun drawing toga-ed up statues and architectural elements and vegetables (which I liked the most). All, with no pictures or rulers or any other accessory than eyes and hands.

I look forward to understanding better how zoos work and how I feel about them, and, in the meanwhile, draw a lot.

(I befriended a goat which seemed to really like my coat; a great, wise turtle sniffed me out and decided to walk away; a vulture as tall as me kind of charged towards me, a dolphin pooed right on my face (there was glass in between us), flamingos wore fluorescent feathers; and hippos had really tiny legs)

What did you think? 

One Response

  1. Que xuloooo!
    ja m'agradaria a mi vindre al zoo!
    L'hipo és molt maco.

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