Swine flu, Bikram yoga, illusionism and magic. All together now.

Yes, this week one (that's me) has been busy. Mr M. and me signed up for an introductory week to Bikram yoga (unlimited access for our bodies to adjust). it was my b-day gift and I loved every minute of it. Even when you sweat 3l. or so for 90 minutes. Very, very worthy to try. I intend to go on, as far as the budget and time allows.

Then, I decided (well, not really) to get swine flu. Yay! go, me, go. But, sweaty detoxified (see above) vegans do not get sick, do they? And the "I've got a temperature" episode just lasted for a day. And Mr. M. didn't even get it. Swine flu 1, me 2. Ha!

And then it happened to be the week of science. And the science museum of Barcelona used to be a yearly ritual when I was a kid. Until it stopped. So I wanted to go back badly. Plus! There's this illusion and science show where they explore magic tricks and illusions. I had awesome fun and even learnt some magic secrets :)

What did you think? 

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