The implications of Lady Gaga's dress

Lady Gaga belongs to the type of people that you love or hate. I realize I look at her more as a performance artist than as a musician. Her job is to "épater le bourgeois", to make you look twice at the universe she's managed to create, to make you be opinionated. I think these type of people are healthy to have in the public shpere.
But now, let's look a bit closer to her new video, Bad Romance. Again, leave the music and what you think of it behind. The imagery (courtesy of Haus of Gaga) in these video call for words such as alien, futurisic, beastly, vampire, robotic, and, well, in her own way, sexy. You just need to take a look at the mad McQueen pieces and shoes. But there's one Haus of Gaga dress in specific that has risen a lot of questions for me.

Bearing in mind that there is a certain look all throughout the video, what does this dress imply?
We have all seen breast padding, even ass padding. But this is a very tight fitting one-piece outfit with... extra rib and spine. Following this line of thought... if women wear something to artificially augment their breasts it's because they are considered sexy or sensual. Does this mean that there is a sense of erotism in having one's bones so marked? Or is this to remark the otherworldliness of the whole thing? What do you think?

What did you think? 

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  1. gravatar Brittany says:

    id call it thinsperation. the promotion of being way too skinny. unhealthily so- as a fashion statement.

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