2nd attempt!

Remember the first "go and paint" exercise I had to do?
Now it's time for a 2nd one.
Is it good? Not really, no.
Is it better than the first one? I really cannot say.
Is it different? HELL YES.

In between these two I've learnt about:
-color families
-color integration and contrast
-color tones (well, I say i've learnt this but I'm totally tone bling, apparently. I've repeated the tone exercise so many times I could cry)

Plus I've processed as much information about the impressionists and post impressionists (specially about Toulouse Lautrec) as I've been able to. (Is there a certain, very light Opie-ism about it too?)

And please let me say this: it is the first time, ever, that I paint without even sketching a line. This has all been done without photographs or drawing support. Mirror and brush that's all. That, I like.

What did you think? 

One Response

  1. Uoooo!
    És molt xulo. Té molta força. I tot el que estàs aprenent!

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