Meet a fabulous lady... Melisser Elliott

Melisser is not only a cruelty free cosmetics blogger (that's a long definition). What's more, she's not only a very generous and fantastic lady (she's replied to my queries so quickly and lovingly). What Melisser really is is a vegan make-up genius that has managed to construct a reliable, ridiculously precise list of what we vegan ladies (and men) can wear on our faces. And I mean, reliable to the point of being more exact than what most companies PRs will send you.

For instance, did you know that M.A.C.'s matte lipsticks are vegan? I definitely didn't. So squeacking of joy, I bought two colors. Then I saw "Carmine" written on their box, I though, oh, dear, missinformation. So I told her I had actually read the box and that sadly they weren't. You know what she did? She informed me that M.A.C. uses a generic box for their products (a bit like when you buy chocolates, the box will have writen down the ingredients for all of them at once, and you'll never kow if the dark chocolate ones are vegan or not). And! She fowarded me a reply to a letter she sent M.A.C. about it with the lab analysis of what's vegan. I mean, she is a super star. Thanks a lot, Melisser!

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